Celine Dion’s Courage Tour Touches Target Center

Celine Dion November 1 2019 Courage Tour Minneapolis Target Center
Photo by Caroline G. Murphy

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Is there a better way to kick off the start of a new month than by seeing Celine Dion bring her Courage World Tour to Target Center in Minneapolis? Probably not. Making the night even more monumental is the fact that the Canadian superstar has not performed in Minnesota in over a decade.

With eager fans filling the arena, it’s clear that Minneapolis is ready for what’s to come.

Welcome Back!

Since this tour is Dion’s first since the tragic loss of her husband in 2016, I enter Target Center knowing the night will be emotional, touching, and filled with plenty of sentimental moments.

What I didn’t expect, however, is for Dion to be so genuinely humbled by her fans, or to have such a sincere adoration of those around her. This is something that is continuously evident throughout the show.

As things get started, a large screen across the back of the stage begins playing a black and white montage filled with clips of Dion. The word “courage” is repeated with various intonations throughout the display.

Photo by Reid Bauman

With courage being the theme of both her current tour and her upcoming album, this is more than fitting.

Soon, Celine Dion rises up from a secret door beneath center stage, dressed in a sparkling red gown and greeted by gushing fans screaming out messages of adoration. She takes a moment to smile, cheer, and wave to those in the audience.

Photo by Reid Bauman

At the end of the first song, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” the Jumbotron just barely catches her as she bends over, brings her hands to her knees, beams brightly, and mouths, “Oh my god!”

Staying Humble

Aside from the graphics on the screen and her team of instrumentalists, the stage is set up in a fairly simple way. It does, however, stretch far enough across the room for Dion to give high fives to a few lucky fans who have seats on the sides.

This connection is something that Dion puts to her advantage several times throughout the night.

Celine Dion could absolutely come on stage and run an entire set with recorded instruments in the background and no one would be mad about it. It wouldn’t take away from her breathtaking vocals either way.

But Dion brings a full symphony on stage, who dance with glee and coordinate their movements with planned precision. The energy her crew brings to the performance and the interactions she has with them gives the already fantastic show even more life.

Photo by Reid Bauman

Moved by Prayer

As the night continues, fans are treated to Dion’s glorious key changes, several outfit-swaps, and her incredibly charming wit.

To Minneapolis, to all your health!

Celine Dion makes a toast (with water!)

After blessing the audience with a perfectly harmonized rendition of “Beauty and the Beast,” she introduces the next song by saying,

“Beauty and the Beast was a huge and beautiful duet of my career. This next song is another beautiful duet that I had the privilege of singing with Andrea Bocelli. Tonight I’ll be singing a different version of the duet called a solo.” 

At the end of “Prayer,” Dion is seen tearing up to the point that the audience all rises in solidarity to give her a standing ovation midway through the set. Celine Dion cried a little bit after a lot of her songs, but instead of coming from a place of grief, it comes from a place of gratitude.


Soon Dion takes a moment to spotlight how the tour came to be. She states, “Throughout my entire career all of you have given me so much courage that has helped me through my hardest moments and I appreciate more than you will ever know.” She then begins singing her new song, “Courage.”

Toward the end of this title track, the screen behind her begins filling with stormy images and the stage floods with fog. Dion walks towards the center of the chaos as a visual metaphor for facing the trouble because of the courage she has. As the song hits its climax, a powerful ring of fire peels out from the center of the stage.


Dion AND Prince?!

One of the highlights of the night is when Dion runs out in a glimmering silver jumpsuit and jumps into an incredible medley. This mashup features songs from Queen, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, and, Minnesota’s own, Prince.

It is definitely a treat to see her incorporate our beloved local artist, and feels like a special tribute, though it may not have been intentional.

Photo by Brian Purnell

Our Hearts Go On

All too soon, Dion leaves the stage to prepare for the encore. While waiting, fans fill the room with their cellphone lights. Soon we hear echoing harmonies and see clips of a woman floating around underwater (fitting and slightly ironic for what we all know is to come).

Dion comes out dressed in a fluffy white evening gown for “My Heart Will Go On,” but this time, rather than a ship left to a miserable fate, the audience instead are the ones left sinking deeper into their emotions. Audience members sing along with great zest backed by a clear appreciation for the night they’ve experienced.

Celine Dion Setlist:

  1. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now
  2. That’s The Way It Is
  3. I’m Alive
  4. If You Asked Me To
  5. The Power of Love
  6. Love Can Move Mountains
  7. Beauty and the Beast
  8. The Prayer
  9. You’re the Voice
  10. Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi
  11. To Love You More
  12. Courage
  13. All by Myself
  14. Lying Down
  15. Because You Loved Me
  16. Medley (Let’s Dance/Another One Bites The Dust/Kiss/River Deep, Mountain High/Lady Marmalade) 


  1. My Heart Will Go On
  2. Imagine

Written by Katie Ahrens


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