Andy Grammer Brings More Than Just Joy To Minneapolis

Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 06:48 pm

If the name Andy Grammer doesn’t ring a bell, it should. Andy is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter who has been at the top of the charts a handful of times.

However, if you don’t recall the name, allow me to refresh your memory with some of the hits he has put out over the years. “Honey I’m Good”, “Keep Your Head Up”, “She’d Say”, and “Don’t Give Up On Me”.

Amassing nearly 500 mil total views on his Youtube alone, it goes without saying that Andy has had an impact and reached many people with his music. Minneapolis is lucky enough to be one of the shows in the first leg of “The Art of Joy Tour”.

Alt Bloom opens up the stage for Andy Grammer in Minneapolis.
AltBloom by Andrew Qualley

Alt Bloom

Alt Bloom was the opening act for last night’s show in Minneapolis. He certainly did what he came to do – put on a performance.

Having personally never been exposed to any of this artist’s music before, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself tapping my feet and moving my head to the music.

There were many notable moments from his set, such as him interacting with a fan after they yelled “I love your overalls!” to him dedicating one of his songs, “Fly Away” to Tom Petty who passed away in 2017.

Andy grammer performs at the Fillmore in minneapolis
Andy Grammer by Andrew Qualley

Andy Grammer

I’m not even sure where I can begin when it comes to the spectacle of a performance that Andy put on for us Minnesotan fans. So many memorable moments made this show one of the favorites I’ve been to thus far.

Andy started the night off by coming on stage and doing a sort of spoken word in which he stated, “Be yourself because everybody else is taken.” He then went on to chat about his experience of being cooped up during quarantine and telling us how much being on stage feels like home to him.

Anticipation grew throughout the night and it was all leading up to his performance of his hit song, “Honey I’m Good”. As soon as fans heard that song start the venue erupted in song along with Andy and started belting it with him.

Andy grammer performs at the Fillmore in minneapolis
Andy Grammer by Andrew Qualley

In conclusion, I was personally so excited when I saw this opportunity come across my inbox and I’m sure the room full of energetic fans would agree that Andy Grammer did not let anybody down.

Andy is such a charismatic dude that made this night memorable for so many people (Especially a couple from TikTok who Andy announced would perform some songs at their wedding!).

If you want to catch him on tour, I would highly recommend you go to his site and see if he will be coming to a city near you anytime soon.

Written by Andrew Qualley


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