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Howard Jones: Height, Weight, Zodiac Sign, and More

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Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 11:23 pm

Who is Howard Jones? Howard Jones is an iconic singer and musician, offering decades of experience on the market with his peak in the 80s with iconic tunes like “Things Can Only Get Better” and “What is Love?” However, there’s much more to this professional performer than just an amazing voice.

If you’re looking to learn more about Howard Jones, you’re in the right place. Get comfortable as we talk more about who Howard Jones is and where he’s from, as well as share other unique facts about the musical icon. 

Who is Howard Jones? 

We must start with the first question—who is Howard Jones? Howard Jones is an English songwriter, singer, and musician known for his unique keyboardist tunes and catchy songs that were popular in the 1980s. Today, he’s still touring even though it’s his fourth decade in the music industry.

One of Howard Jones’s most iconic looks is an eccentric hairstyle, which he sported proudly at the height of his career. He’s done several things with his success, from opening a vegetarian restaurant to performing at Live Aid using Freddie Mercury’s piano. 

howard jones performing on stage
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When was Howard Jones Born? 

Howard Jones’ birthdate is February 23, 1955, in Southampton, Hampshire, England. This birthday makes Howard Jones’s zodiac sign Pisces, which goes all the way from February 19th to March 20th. He was born to Welsh parents and spent much of his early years learning and growing up in South Wales.  

Where is Howard Jones From?

Howard Jones is from Southampton, Hampshire, England. However, he spent the majority of his younger years in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, South Wales, before moving to Canada when he was a teenager. Throughout all these locations, he continued to make music.

When Howard Jones grew older, he returned to the United Kingdom. It was here that most of his smash hits took root.

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Where Does Howard Jones Live? 

According to his latest interview, Howard Jones’ current home is in Somerset, England, in Creech St. Michael, near Taunton. 

Howard Jones’s Ethnicity 

Howard Jones is caucasian, as both of his parents are native to Wales in the UK.

How Tall is Howard Jones? 

Howard Jones’s height might seem significant when he’s performing on stage, but Howard Jones is a mere five feet and seven inches tall. This is slightly below average for the typical male, but it doesn’t detract from his talent.

How Much Does Howard Jones Weigh?

Howard Jones’s height isn’t too intense, so let’s consider Howard Jones’s weight. There isn’t too much information about the weight of Howard Jones, but many predict the artist to be around 150 pounds. 

How Did Howard Jones Become Famous?

Howard Jones became famous in the eighties and nineties through his incredible music creations. In fact, Howard Jones’s tour and Howard Jones’s songs are what made him the prime of his career. Hits like “Things Can Only Get Better,” “Like To Get To Know You Well,” “Pearl in the Shell,” and “New Song” were all smash hits on the charts.

He’s also gone on several tours and performed at the Grammys. He continues to perform today, which adds to his fame as younger audiences fall in love with his music.  

Howard Jones’s Parents 

Howard Jones’s parents are Thelma and John Jones. They were very supportive parents in his career, which meant they paved the way by doing things such as creating a fan club for the artist at the beginning of his career. 

Howard Jones’s Siblings 

Howard Jones might be one-of-a-kind, but he has several siblings he grew up with. Howard Jones’s brothers are Paul, Martin, and Roy Jones, each with successful careers of their own. They certainly gave Howard Jones a run for his money growing up with their abilities in the professional music world. 

Paul Jones is a contemporary blues singer, Martin Jones is a singer and songwriter, and Roy Jones is a singer and songwriter. They are all musically adept and prone to creating masterpieces. 

Who is Howard Jones Married To?

Howard Jones’s wife is Jan Smith, a woman he has been married to since 1977. The duo met each other while he was teaching piano lessons, and they have been together ever since. He is one of the rare celebrities to take a single spouse and avoid divorce.

Howard Jones’s Children

Howard Jones has two children. Howard Jones’s daughter is Mica Jones, and Howard Jones’s son is Osheen Jones. Both are successful, though neither is in the music industry. 

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What Is Howard Jones Famous for?

Howard Jones’s albums are one of the biggest reasons why he is famous, from his very first album Human’s Lib to Dream Into Action. He is famous for his eccentric looks and his use of a keyboard to create thrilling and unique music options for those who listen. 

Many of Howard Jones’ songs have been remixed over the years, further adding to his fame. 

What is Howard Jones doing now?

Although Howard Jones is much older than when his career first began, he’s still working as an active musician, performer, producer, and recorder. He just went on tour to celebrate forty years of his music and continues to create content, even if he’s not at the height of his career anymore.

Howard Jones is an artist who continues to produce, even in his later years of life. It will be exciting to see what he does next as he nears fifty years of experience in the music industry. We suspect he may continue to perform like The Eagles, or he might retire as Elton John did.

Was Howard Jones a Teacher?

Howard Jones has had many jobs over the years, with one of them as a piano teacher. In fact, teaching piano is where Howard Jones met his wife – Jan Smith. Additionally, Howard Jones has taken on many odd jobs throughout his life to support himself prior to making it big as a musician. head

What Year Did Howard Jones First Appear?

The first successful year for Howard Jones was 1983 when he first released “New Song” as his first single in England, which quickly shot to the top of the charts and landed at number three. A few short months later, Howard Jones released the song “What is Love,” which made it to the second-place spot at the top of the charts. 

Is Howard Jones Related to Paul Jones?

Paul Jones is another musician in the industry, and he’s made a solid name for himself. He and Howard Jones share the same last name for a reason – they happen to be brothers and are, in fact, related. 

howard jones singing on stage
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Howard Jones has had a long and impressive career. His first time hitting the charts was in 1983, climbing to the top with the smash hit song “New Song.” This tune was one of many in a long string of successes over the next year, and he produced three more albums that rose in popularity and thus, in turn, made Howard Jones more famous.

Howard Jones continued to make successful songs by using a combination of synthesizer music and thematic elements centered around animal rights and the excess of life. He first created his own sound, which continued into the creation of his second album, The 12 Inch Album.

The second studio album (third album overall), Dream Into Action, created a backing band for Howard Jones, using artists like Caron Wheeler and his brother on the bass as an additional layer of music for the professional. In later years, the single “No One Is To Blame” received a remastering from famous artist Phil Collins

Howard Jones was present as part of the Live Aid concert in 1985. There, he sang the song “Hide and Seek” while using a piano selection that once belonged to Freddie Mercury

Howard Jones’s career slowed in 1986, during which time he paused touring to open a vegetarian restaurant and turned more of his focus on production and songwriting. Howard Jones has been a vegetarian since 1982, and he went fully vegan in 2019. He also competed on the TV show “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

During the 90s and 00s, Howard stepped back from his own music career to write songs for other artists. He also toured with Ringo Starr as a piano player. It wouldn’t be until 2010 that Howard Jones focused on his solo career again, at which time he embarked on a headline tour of the UK. This tour was well received, and he continued to tour after, but as a supporting act for other bands like The Barenaked Ladies.

This was followed by his 40th-anniversary tour in 2023/2024, which may be his last for a while. Howard Jones has had an amazing career, and while he states he still loves to perform, he is getting a bit old for the rigorous tour schedules, though he does have a few upcoming performances within the UK. As of the writing of this article, however, he has not ruled out the possibility of future tours. 

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