Bo Burnham Facts: Age, Height, Net Worth, and more

Bo Burnham in a film festival
Bo Burnham. Photo Courtesy of Montclair Film via Wikimedia Commons.

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The Comedian, whose full name is Robert Pickering Bo Burnham was born in Hamilton, Massachusetts, on August 21, 1990. Bo Burnham began his comedy career on YouTube in 2006. His popularity grew quickly as Youtube’s viewership increased over the years. 

Presently, he is recognized as an accomplished American stand-up comedian, filmmaker, actor, musician, and singer. Being one of the most recognized comedians in America, Bo Burnham has managed to win the likes of thousands of fans.

In this article, we will be giving off more information on the comedian Bo Burnham, so read along. 

Bo Burnham Age

Comedian Bo Burnham is 31 years old. Clearly he has achieved a lot so far and is looking forward to achieving a lot more. 

How Tall Is Bo Burnham?

Bo Burnham’s height is 6 ft 5 in (196.0 cm).

For Bo Burnham’s admirers, especially those that would love to know how tall the comedian is in real life, they can find delight in the fact that the comedian is considerably tall.

A fan of Bo Burnham taking his photo from mobile
Bo Burnham. Photo Courtesy of Montclair Film via Flickr.

Bo Burnham’s height has caused him to wish he was shorter

The comedian once shared that he is frequently asked by people if plays basketball or baseball because of his height.

He also included that he gets a lot of tall-based jokes from people, e.g. “How’s the weather up there?”.

He is also frequently asked questions like, “Are your parents short?” and “Are you a Jockey?”. 

Burnham revealed that while most men of his age desire to be as tall as over 6′ feet, he doesn’t quite like the tallness.

“I’m 6’5 — 6’6 on a good day. I’d do anything to be like 6’1 or 6’2.” said Burnham. 

Who is Bo Burnham’s wife?

Bo Burnham isn’t married to anyone. He however does have a serious relationship with a popular Hollywood scriptwriter and movie producer.

Bo Burnham’s girlfriend 

Lorene Scafaria is the girlfriend of Bo Burnham. The American director, actress, singer, screenwriter, playwright, musician, and songwriter was born May 1, 1978.

Some of her major achievements: she scripted and directed the films Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012), The Meddler (2015), and Hustlers (2019). She also scripted the film Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008). 

Scafaria has been dating Bo Burnham since 2013 and they currently share a home in Los Angeles.

Despite their eight-year relationship, Burnham and Scafaria don’t have kids for reasons best known to them. 

They’ve been dating for more than seven years but haven’t tied the knot yet.

Bo Burnham’s Networth

Bo Burnham has a net worth of $4 million, which he has amassed through his music, comedic sketches, acting, and his early YouTube career. 

Although he is only 31 years old, he has more credits than many others in the industry and has had a long career.

Is Bo Burnham gay?

Some people have speculated that Bo Burnham is gay. The comedian however doesn’t agree with the speculation as he is in a current relationship with Lorene Scafaria.

Bo Burnham performing on stage with a mic in hand
Bo Burnham. Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Elias via Wikimedia Commons.

He has been in the relationship for over seven years now, and regardless of this fact, some say that he is hiding the fact that he is gay, and that he may even be in denial.

“All Eyes On Me” Bo Burnham

What is Bo Burnam’s song “All Eyes on Me” about? It explores Bo’s struggle with depression and performing, but ia also about facing existential dread and fear.

His subconscious is narrating the song, and the subject is his mental health and comeback to performance.

He is questioning himself with lyrics like “Are you feeling nervous? Are you having fun?”. Although the show is nearly over, the worry has only just begun.

He attempts to calm himself down by telling himself not to overthink things and that there is nothing to be afraid about.

The compilation of the song and performance reflects Bo’s confrontation with the reality he endures and the one he has to put up with for the cameras.

The anxiety and depression he struggles with on the inside versus the display he puts on outside. “All Eyes On Me”, is deep as it is inspiring, relatable, and personal.

Bo Burnham “What”

American comedian Bo Burnham released the stand-up comedy routine and album What in 2013. It was the first show since his comedy spectacular Words Words Words in 2010.

The presentation includes musical humor, prop comedy, miming, observational gags, and the inversion of established comic clichés, as does the rest of Burnham’s live work. It garnered favorable feedback.

The live performance debuted was on December 17, 2013, at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, while the CD is based on a live performance of the same set at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bo Burnham Songs

Bo Burnham has a list of songs that have made it above the radar. The comedian who is very gifted and talented explores his talent in various areas including music. Some of our favorite Bo Burnham’s songs include:

Bo Burnham Movie

Bo Burnham has featured in a lot of movies and TV shows.  In 2016, he released the Netflix stand-up comedy special titled, Make Happy. Inside, his fourth comedy special also debuted on Netflix in 2021. 

Burnham co-created and acted in the MTV television series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous in 2013. Eighth Grade, his 2018 movie, was his first feature film positioning the role of writer and director.

Bo Burnham on stage with mic
Bo Burnham. Photo Courtesy of Montclair Film via Flickr.

The film won him the Best Original Screenplay and the Director’s Award by the WGAA (Writers Guild of America Award), among others. In 20200, Bo Burnham played the character Ryan Cooper in the movie Promising Young Woman.

Some of the popular movies he has also acted in include The Big Sick, Promising Young Woman, Rough Night.

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