27 Bands Who Have the Dumbest Fans

bands who have the dumbest fans The Beatles in Hillegom in 1964
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Have you ever seen a musician and thought, “That band has the dumbest fans?” You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, some musicians seem to attract the lowest IQ fans, and it can turn the rest of the public against the band as a result.

We’ve made a list of 27 bands who have the dumbest fans. Read on to find out if one of the bands you absolutely hate made the list!

1. Radiohead

the band radiohead performing on stage
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Radiohead fans are by far some of the lowest IQ fans around. Whether you look at Reddit, Quora, or TheTopTens, everyone hates anyone who is a diehard for Radiohead.

2. The Beatles

The Beatles in Hillegom in 1964
Image is in the Public Domain.

Yeah, we said it. Let’s put it this way: the Beatles had their heyday in the 1960s…almost 60 years ago. It’s time to move on. If you still think The Beatles are the only great band to have put out music in a generation, you definitely have one of the lowest IQs. It’s time to grow up and move on because the Beatles are just music history at this point.

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3. Queen

the band queen, albums laid out on a surface
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It was a little sad to include Queen on our list of bands who have the dumbest fans, but we aren’t the only ones voting on this. Although they had a few good hits, some modern music aficionados consider them just an average rock band.

But if you even dare to suggest to a Queen fan that there is better music out there, they will tear you apart, which is why we know they have the lowest IQs.

4. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

ways to score cheap concert tickets a band performing on stage band silhouette
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Anyone who follows a band by the name of Odd Future World Gang Kill Them All is clearly an idiot. We don’t even need to explain this one. But if we did, just listening to one song would give you the answer to how they made this list.

5. Kanye West

kanye west sitting and giving an interview
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Okay, we know Kanye West isn’t a band, but his fans for sure have the sub-zero IQs. From his religious rebranding to outright support of radical politics, there is no way any of his fans still have brain cells.

6. Pink Floyd

pink floyd performing on stage
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Pink Floyd is obviously one of the rock bands that have the dumbest fans. First of all, Pink Floyd was formed as a band against overproduction and self-indulgence…but what do the band members do? Engage in overproduction and self-indulgence.

Plus, the once non-conformist band has now come to sound just like any other band with their subpar songwriting. But some fans can’t see the absolute hypocrisy…which displays their complete lack of intelligence.

7. Sleeping With Sirens

a silhouette of a band
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Sleeping With Sirens has almost an entirely female fan base. And if you ask any of them why they follow Sleeping With Sirens, they will probably tell you that the lead singer is hot. They also have no idea what the music of their so-called “favorite band” sounds like. This makes them one of the many bands who had the dumbest fans.

8. Pierce the Veil

a band performing
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Similar to Sleeping With Sirens, the fans of Pierce the Veil can’t even recognize the music from the band they spend so much time talking about. Plus, they probably can’t even name anyone in the band beyond the lead singer, who is known for his good looks rather than his musical talent.

9. Bring Me the Horizon

olis sykes in bring me the horizon performing on stage
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Bring Me the Horizon tried to be cool, they really did, but something about their music just attracts idiots. Don’t believe us? Just go to one Bring Me the Horizon concert, we dare you.

10. One Direction

the band one direction performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Of course, One Direction made the list of bands who have the dumbest fans. Their fans are so dumb that there is an entire documentary about it, This is Us. This documentary shows what it is like to be a member of One Direction, and it includes several fan videos that are simply horrifying in their idiocy.  

Even though we admire that One Direction tried to bring the boy band era of the late 90s back, it was, in the end, an absolute failure.

11. Artic Monkeys

alex turner of the artic monkeys performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Fans of Artic Monkeys think they are edgy and cultured just because they follow one British Indie band. But if you even try to bring up another indie band, they will have no idea what you’re talking about—making them the epitome of idiocy.

12. Dave Mathews Band

dave matthews band performing on stage
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According to Reddit, Dave Matthews Band has a tendency to attract fraternity boys and other members of the aristocracy who have no idea what actual good music is like. And if you even try to tell them there are other artists out there, you’ll quickly find yourself arguing with a brick wall, which just shows how dumb they are.

13. Queensryche

the band queensryche performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

Queensryche was cool in the 80s, but this band has so many lawsuits and court cases on their hands we think it was time to call it quits a few decades ago. Anyone who still blindly follows Queensryche further proves our theory that they are one of the bands who have the dumbest fans for sure.

14. Insane Clown Posse

insane clown posse on the red carpet wearing white suits and clown makeup
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We feel that this one is self-explanatory. Any band who willingly calls their followers “Juggalos” has the lowest IQ fans, hands down.

15. Wu-Tang Clan

the wu tang clan performing on stage
Image from Shutterstock.

All Wu-Tang Clan fans found the band when they were 13 and subsequently spent the rest of their life dreaming of becoming a chess-playing, samurai movie-loving hipster for reasons we don’t understand. If you even try to introduce them to another hip-hop artist, they’ll rip your head off, and frankly, we’ve stopped trying.

16. Tool

fans of the band tool watching a performance
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Tool fans are notoriously pretentious and think of themselves as smarter than everyone when, in reality, they are some of the dumbest around. Plus, they never stop whining about the next album, which is idiocy because you don’t see anyone else griping about their favorite artist’s lack of album releases.

17. Metallica

4 metallica CDs side by side on a wooden table
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If you’ve ever met a die-hard Metallica fan, you know that they are one of the bands who have the dumbest fans. We love Metallica, but the glory days of thrash metal are over, and we just don’t have time to follow a band that changes their sound not once but three times in four decades. Any Metallica fan who is still hanging on is just hanging on to a dream, and they’ll never see the light.

18. Megadeath

the band megadeath in 2011
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Run by frontman and guitarist Dave Mustaine, the history of heavy metal band Megadeath has been rocky, especially as he has taken his temper out on anyone who has ever joined his band. In fact, he is the only consistent member of the band, which should tell you something about his personality.

Not to mention, he was kicked out of Metallica for his terrible temper. Anyone who still supports this man and his recordings all these years later is clearly not very bright.

19. KISS

the band kiss record next to the record cover
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The main reason KISS is on our list of bands who have the dumbest fans is because of Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons isn’t nice to anyone, and he is one of the most arrogant musicians in history who makes wildly controversial statements. Anyone who still follows them assuredly has a low IQ.

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20. Ke$ha

most hated famous singers
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Ke$ha has made millions of dollars releasing music that is about absolutely nothing. While we admire her business smarts at conquering the club music genre, her fans are some of the dumbest of all time.

21. Chris Brown

chris brown facts. chris brown in a black jacket and hat on the red carpet
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Chris Brown has not only abused Rihanna, but also reported Usher, and some non-musicians. Frankly, we don’t understand why he still has a following at all. His music is subpar at best, and anyone with even one functioning brain cell should be turned off enough by his abusive personality to stop bragging about his music.

22. Nirvana

the best nirvana songs nirvana nevermind cover image with CD
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The Nirvana glory days are over, yet there are some fans of Nirvana who don’t seem to realize that. They talk about Nirvana as if Kurt Cobain is going to come back from the dead just to put on a concert tomorrow. Now we know they’ve been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so there’s no arguing that they were good, but it’s time to move on.

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23. Green Day

billie joe armstong, the lead singer of the band green day on stage singing
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One of the most famous punk bands of all time, Green Day, may have released several songs that topped the Billboard charts, but their listeners are nothing but idiots.

Green Day fans sing along as if they are as edgy as the lead singer when, in reality, they are just pretentious idiots who have nothing to worry about in life.  But if you try to tell them that, they’ll argue that their lives are “so hard” for dumb reasons, which will show you just how idiotic they are.

24. Imagine Dragons

the band imagine dragons on the red carpet
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When we imagine dragons, we can only assume that they hate Imagine Dragons. Like many on this list, how bad their music is proves that they definitely have the dumbest fans.

25. Coldplay

chris martin from coldplay sings on stage
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As far as popular music goes, Coldplay is the absolute worst and is definitely one of the bands who have the dumbest fans. They advertise themselves as an alternative rock band, but any fan who hasn’t noticed that all their songs sound exactly like “Viva La Vida” is dumb.

26. Nickelback

nicklback on the red carpet at an event
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The fact that Nickelback has been able to sell over a million copies of their albums shows just how dumb their fans are. Their first album sounds just like all their other albums, and they haven’t released anything we would consider new in decades. Their fans really need to move on and stop encouraging this half-baked rock group to release music.

27. 5 Seconds of Summer

the band 5 seconds of summer on the red carpet
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Last on our list of the bands who have the dumbest fans is 5 Seconds of Summer, who shouldn’t even be a band in the first place. Rising to fame thanks to the invention of YouTube, they share many fans with the band One Direction, and these fans are known for nothing but their idiocy both at live shows and online.


Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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