Bad Bad Hats Sold Out Party in The Entry

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Last updated on December 22nd, 2017 at 03:51 am


Minneapolis indie rockers Bad Bad Hats at this point are no strangers to playing First Avenue’s 7th St. Entry. They’re also no strangers to playing two shows in one night. That’s right, why play two nights in a row at the same venue if you can just play two shows in the same day? Makes sense to me.


In fact, Bad Bad Hats seems to be in the same boat considering just last March they also played two shows in one day at the Entry. Although in a similar fashion there were a couple of differences. First off would be the opener of the previous shows being Wingman, whereas show #1 last night (all ages) started off with Jessica Manning and show #2 (18+ – big kids only) was with Idle Impress as the opener. Although I only attended the first show, (not because of my age, although part of me yearns for my youthful days) I’m sure the second was just as good.


That being said, the first show was a blast. Kicking off their set at 7pm which was still late enough to get every ticket holder through the door and into a good spot for the show. As we know with the venue’s intimate size, there’s not a bad place to be in that room. Last night was no exception of a band taking the stage of a sold out 7th St. Entry and making that feeling of intimacy really stand out.


Lead singer, guitarist and primary song writer (also wisdom) Kerry Alexander kept the crowd widely entertained and laughing in between songs with her awkward and hilarious demeanor; giving us some brief meanings behind their tunes along with other silly stage banter. Not all of it was intended to be funny though, as she was kind enough to fill us in on some personal background. It was still funny. Including but not limited to how she discovered song writing by coming up with the lyrics first, and how she made the decision early on that she would have to force herself to learn guitar to turn these song lyrics into songs.


It had been a while since I have last seen them play, but I immediately remembered Kerry’s presence and what it was like to see this band live. Alternating between some solo songs with just her on stage (including a soft and much more delicate version of Blink 182’s All the Small Things) and all three members, they played material from their previous releases as well as some songs they informed us that they had been working on recently.


For the final number they gave the crowd a nice surprise: Kazoos. For the melody! Of course. Can every show have this!? Nothing like a room full of quacking kazoos playing along with your favorite Bad Bad Hats tune. I mean really, there’s nothing like it. Just another instance confirming the bands indubitable humor and awesomeness.


All together they put on an extremely entertaining show and a great show musically. Continuing on with their tour after the holidays in late January, you just might get a chance to see them for yourself outside of Minnesota. (Insert crappy “see you next year!” joke here).



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