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Amanda Yang Releases New Track “Sideline Girl”

Amanda Yang singer

Minnesota alt-pop singer and songwriter Amanda Yang has released her first-ever original song after 3 years of working on covers, song rewrites, and collaborative tracks with fellow performers. 

Amanda began her music career at the age of 15 with a passed-down guitar. Born and raised in Minneapolis–St. Paul, she likes to call herself a “DIY artist and musician,” as she learned how to play on her own by watching YouTube tutorials.

Drawing inspiration from Shania Twain, Jason Mraz, Alessia Cara, The Lumineers, and Bruno Mars, she began posting videos on YouTube in 2011. 

Her goal was to share her tuneful voice and musical talent with the world and to connect with others through acoustic covers and rewrites of famous songs. And then, her career took off.

Her music has been featured on many editorial playlists on Spotify, and she has over 120 million streams on the platform. She has also collaborated with many artists over the years, including Lucian, AmPm, and KLON. 

Now, she has finally taken the leap with the release of her first original song, “Sideline Girl.”

“Sideline Girl”: Walking the Fine Line Between Pain and Hope

Inspired by R&B soul music, “Sideline Girl” is a testament to Amanda’s unique blend and sound. It features soft, engaging chords that make for an almost hypnotic listening experience, and its fingerpicked guitar and faint drum arrangements are accompanied by a choir that reinforces the mournful tone of the track.

“Sideline Girl” deals with messy emotions and intricate feelings, but Amanda doesn’t seem to be afraid to let her music speak for her. She has stated that she “approaches songwriting with an open heart,” and it shows. 

A somber sense of vulnerability hangs over this new recording, which speaks volumes to all those who feel they are a secondary character in someone else’s love story. 

In this case, Amanda tells us the story of a girl who has been cast aside by her best friend, who she has fallen in love with. The track deals with the emotions involved in the process of understanding that the person you love does not reciprocate that feeling. 

It’s heartbreak in the flesh.

Amanda delivers that sentiment in an astonishingly expressive way, showing how much it hurts to be the second choice and to let go of someone you love for their own sake. 

However, “Sideline Girl” walks the fine line between pain and hope. While it mourns the loss of a love that never came to be, it also conveys the idea that moving on is possible. So, although the lyrics might be screaming heartbreak, the music whispers hope.

It’s also a deeply personal track. You can almost hear Amanda singing right beside you while listening to the song. She’s an expressive vocalist with an impressive range and a transparent singing voice, so the emotional clarity of her lyrics shines through every single word.

Amanda Yang March 2022
Singer Amanda Yang in March 2022. Photo from her Facebook Page.

A Promising Future Ahead

A couple of years ago, Amanda was listed as one of the HOT 100 Unsigned LIVE Performers, and with her first original song, she’s hoping to kick-start what seems to be a promising career as an alt-pop performer. 

But despite the fact that her future seems bright, Amanda knows how to keep her feet on the ground: she has stated that she “owes all her success to listeners who have given her a platform to speak her mind and help others find a place to vent, heal, and love through her music.”

“Sideline Girl” is now available on your favorite music streaming platform. Go check it out!

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Written by Hope Davis

Long-time music lover Hope became a full-time writer in 2020 after being laid off from her regular job due to COVID-19. She now spends her time traveling the world to see her favorite bands while writing about them!


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