Grandson by Andrew Qualley

Grandson Lights up the Varsity Theater with Energetic Performance

Jordan Benjamin, better known by his stage name Grandson, lit up Varsity Theater with an energetic performance this week.

Nova Twins by Andrew Qualley

Two equally lively groups opened the show. First came the Nova Twins, who hyped up the crowd well, even inspiring a few mosh pits.

Royal and The Serpent by Andrew Qualley

Following them was an artist that has popped up on my TikTok feed every once in a while, Royal and the Serpent. 

They gained popularity by creating immensely relatable music. “I’m sorry if any of you can relate to these lyrics,” said frontman Ryan Santiago, “since they come from such dark times for me personally.” To pick up the energy, they performed hits like “Overwhelmed,” “I Can’t Get High,” and others.

Royal & The Serpent by Andrew Qualley

Then the lights cut and “Bohemian Rhapsody” played over the loudspeaker. Fans sang along until the music slowed down, “Grandson” chants began, and the artist finally emerged.

Grandson performed about 15 songs, including “Dirty,” “Rain,” and “We Did It!!” 

Grandson by Andrew Qualley

Considering that only a handful of dates are left on this tour, I was amazed at how much energy Jordan had. It was equally matched by the audience. As Grandson said on his Instagram story, “Minneapolis…Varsity Theater! Easily one of the highest energy shows of this entire tour.”

Written by Andrew Qualley


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