18 Important Facts about Post Malone

There’s a lot of debate about the quality of Post Malone‘s music, but one thing that can’t be argued is his popularity. Since breaking through with the song “White Iverson,” Post has become a musical force, attracting fans of rock, pop, and hip-hop, and grabbing plenty of airplay along the way. These are some interesting facts about Post Malone.

1. His real name is Austin Post

Post Malone Hollywood Is Bleeding Xcel Energy Center St Paul Minnesota 2019
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Post Malone was born as “Austin Richard Post.” He chose his stage name “Post Malone” with help from an online rap nickname generator.

2. He’s six feet tall

Post probably could never get away with a “Lil”-rap name, because he stands at 6’0″ tall.

3. He was born on the 4th of July

There might not be a movie about him starring Tom Cruise, but Post Malone can claim America’s birthday as his as well. He was born on July 4, 1995. Is it safe to assume he parties twice as hard?

4. His dad Rich worked for the Dallas Cowboys

Though Post has played around the world, he hails from the eastern and southwestern United States. He lived in Syracuse until he was nine years old when his dad got a job working for the Dallas Cowboys. The family then moved to Grapevine, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb.

5. He started as a wedding DJ

Before making it big, Post could be regularly seen at weddings as a college student in Syracuse, playing requests for guests as a DJ. This kept him up to speed about all the evolutions going on in the industry.

6. His fame was predicted

Post’s senior class voted him “Most Likely To Become Famous.” This was after he had already started recording and releasing music at age 16.

7. He was a college dropout

Post Malone dropped out of Tarrant County Community College, claiming in a Tweet that he wasn’t very good at school.

8. He was almost a professional metal guitarist

In high school, Post played in a metal band, and an audition to play guitar for popular metalcore band Crown the Empire ended badly for Post when his guitar string apparently broke.

9. He was part of a musical group

john mayer and post malone performing together on stage

Post moved to Los Angeles with plans to help make videos for the Youtube channel “Sky Does Everything.” He happened to link up with other artists, and they formed a group called “BLCKVRD.”

9. He doesn’t like his first album

Although Post’s debut album, Stoney did well commercially and featured some hit songs, it didn’t land the best reviews. Post definitely didn’t try to deflect the criticism, saying that his next album would be much better.

10. Post Malone has anxiety

Post states in the interview above that ever since the beginning of middle school, he has been “anxious and kind of sad all the time.” He also shares an experience that seemed to have tipped him over the edge.

“I was smoking weed one time and just felt like I was dying. Ever since then I’ve always felt that my heart is always going fast and I’m just generally more super jittery and shake all the time now.”

11. He spent $40,000 on Postmates in one year

Ironically, Post Malone is the delivery company Postmates’ biggest customer, reportedly spending $40,000 in a year, earning him the playful nickname “Postmates Malone.” His favorite food orders are Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, Burger King and KFC.

12. Guitar Hero changed his life

Post Malone might’ve never started playing the actual guitar if it wasn’t for the popular Guitar Hero series of videogames, which help gamers get a feel for musicianship by testing how well they can stay in time and hit the correct notes on a guitar-style controller.

13. He’s afraid of flying

Post Malone admits in an interview, “Flying scares the shit out of me” and he has good reason to be. In August of 2018, he was a passenger in a jet headed to London when two tires blew during takeoff.

Pilots circled for hours in the air to burn off their full tank of gas so the plane was lighter, therefor would cause less damage and risk when landing. Post Malone explains how his anxiety was through the roof.

14. He’s sponsored by Bud Light

Post Malone makes music that’s perfect for having fun and drinking beer with your friends. That’s why it’s so perfect that he has a partnership with Bud Light, including special beer cans adorned with his face. There is a Bud Light beer fridge in his house that is always stocked full.

15. He’s worth at least $14 million

That’s according to wealth tracker Celebrity Net Worth, which also cites his properties in Los Angeles and Utah.

16. He has tattoos of many famous people

There are many tats on Post, including on his face, but one of the most intriguing is one of musical legend Bob Dylan, which is featured on his left arm. Post might seem especially patriotic for having a tattoo of the popular, late 35th President, John F. Kennedy. However, his reasons for getting the tat are based on how Kennedy fought against government corruption.

17. He’s on his way to becoming a movie star

For someone with as much genre interest as Post Malone, it should seem obvious that he’s parlaying his talents into acting. He has a role in the upcoming Mark Wahlberg film Wonderland, set to be released through Netflix. We expect to see more big-screen appearances from him in the near future.

18. He’s got a ton of music awards and nominations

Post Malone’s chart-toppers like “Rockstar,” “Sunflower,” “Psycho,” and “Circles” have allowed him to scoop up impressive notoriety including the American Music Award, ASCAP Pop Music Award, a Billboard Music Award, and a Juno Award. He’s also been nominated for several Grammies, with an estimated 60 million albums sold and counting.

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Author: Bo Weber

Positive energy-seeking Minnesotan who finds joy in songwriting, graphic design, writing, videography, eating plants, and living in a van down by the river.

Written by Bo Weber

Positive energy-seeking Minnesotan who finds joy in songwriting, graphic design, writing, videography, eating plants, and living in a van down by the river.

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