Post Malone Embodies the Bud Light Knight in his Music Video “Circles”

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:55 pm

On September 3, 2019, Post Malone premiered the music video for his song “Circles,” a track that will be included on his upcoming 2019 album, Hollywood Is Bleeding.

If you follow Posty on his socials, you know he has been riding a generous endorsement deal from American beer makers Bud Light, whose mascot is a mid-evil Knight who delivers beer.

Perhaps the Bud Light Knight was his inspiration for wanting to star in a mid-evil themed music video. However, his music video for “Rockstar” does tell us he is intrigued by the idea of fighting with swords and being the hero.

This time around, they saved money on the fight scenes, as they montage their way through a poorly created story for his song, “Circles”.

Wearing knight’s armor, Post Malone‘s character is the last man standing of a massive battle. He rests on his sword while bodies and arrows lay on the ground around him.

He begins his trek into a bare forest that leads to a small village. He walks through the active community of villagers and claims a horse that is tied to a tree.

He walks the horse toward a mouthless woman who is helplessly trapped inside her bedroom, which happens to be inside the top of a large tree. Men in armor surround the tree holding torches.

On his journey, he comes upon a woman in a black and red dress standing in the middle of a lake. A whirlpool begins to take her under. Post Malone goes into the water to save the woman.

The scene then cuts to Post Malone standing on fire in the middle of the night. Zombie-like creatures slowly approach as a non-enflamed version of himself watches the engulfed version of himself burn.

We then go back to the mouthless woman trapped in the tree with scenes of her looking into her oval-shaped mirror. A scene of another woman with blue glowing eyes and trapped behind bars offers a flower and lets it drop out of her hand.

Post Malone’s character reaches the men surrounding the castle and draws his sword, defeating the threat. He then begins climbing the tree, which concludes the video.

The concept for this video was short-sighted, leaving viewers bored and confused. Incorporating the Bud Light mascot for a music video would have been much more amusing.

Written by Bo Weber

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