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ON THE RADAR: The Immaculate Beings Drop Video for “Don’t Come Back.” Ahead of Album Release

Self-described as a “family of queer eclectic human beings who promote the importance of self-love, self-care, and self-validation through their music and performance,” Trevor Devine and The Immaculate Beings are coming into the new decade in a blaze of LGBTQ+ glory.

The Immaculate Being’s album, mental space, is due out January 17th.

The supergroup, comprised of talented musicians from all around the Twin Cities and Midwest, released their music video for “Don’t Come Back.” today. The video is just a tease for the group’s upcoming album, mental space, set for release on January 17.

Fantastic and fabulous frontman Trevor Devine describes the tune as a fresh take on a break up song. The singer-songwriter highlights not just the initial heartbreak, but also the mental highs and lows and struggles with personal demons that come with the ending of a relationship.

The psychedelic euphoria and nostalgia of the video, directed by Karla Mellett, perfectly encapsulate the band’s unique and vibrant style. Describing the creative culmination, Devine said:

“The music video is weird. I wanted to flash between our real-life personalities and our on-stage personas. The confetti reflects the difficulties of consuming happiness and celebrations when internally things are real and hard … When we’re all covered in confetti, glitter, and paint it represents the end of a battle and beginning of building yourself up again from the ashes.” 

Trevor Devine and The Immaculate Beings Perform at Skyway Theater
Trevor Devine and The Immaculate Beings Perform at Skyway Theater – Photo by Wes Pederson

The Immaculate Beings are now streaming across all platforms. Mark your calendar for the release of mental space on January 17 and grab tickets to the album release show at The 7th Street Entry here. The Immaculate Beings will also be performing at Revival Music Festival and The Galactic Get Down in summer 2020!

Written by Julieanna Smith


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