Kacey Musgraves kicks off tour in St. Paul

Here’s what to expect if attending this tour

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Saint Paul was treated to the first show of the “Star Crossed: Unveiled” tour from country-singer turned pop-artist Kacey Musgraves last night. The 19 date tour brings along King Princess and MUNA as opening acts, while supporting her late 2021 release Star-Crossed.

A contrast to her 2018 Grammy-winning album Golden Hour based in relationship bliss, this tour spotlights an album steeped in divorce.

Photo by Smouse

Moving forward with the tour while COVID concerns seem to be peaking, the arena was slightly down with 9,000 attendees. Although, it didn’t have an impact on the show as the audience was handed special lighted bracelets that changed colors and flashed throughout the performance. This clever and unique accessory gave the area a glow and physical impact of seeing just how many people attended.

For those considering attending a future show, the visuals, lighting, and large bag of effects that Kacey’s team executes are reasons alone to attend. From fire, lasers, the heart-shaped stage, projection, haze, and to various confetti moments all to keep you invested and engaged through the entire set.


Hot off their 2021 signing with Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records and the release of “Silk Chiffon“, LA-based MUNA opened the evening with “Number One Fan”. Highly energetic and engaging, MUNA packed a punch in their 6 song set, showcasing their electronic based brand of bubblegum indie pop.

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Crowd favorites came with the final two songs as “I Know a Place” struck a cord with the audience as many sang along. Ending the set by announcing “this is our gay love song”, the trending single “Silk Chiffon” had everyone on their feet. MUNA injected the first dose of adrenaline into the gathering crowd and was a band you needed to arrive early enough to witness a great performance.

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King Princess

Mikaela Strauss, aka King Princess is no stranger to Minnesota. Having covered her 2019 show at First Avenue and her 2020 show at the Palace, this shortened appearance didn’t lack in potency. Certainly more laid back then her previous appearances, the majority of King Princess’ set were filled with newer songs. 

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Brimming with attitude and charisma, the older songs of “Talia”, “1950”, and “Pussy is God” provided the biggest jolt of interaction with the audience. The piano based “Hit the Back” also delivered a nice moment as that song seemed to fit an arena vibe best. Having witnessed King Princess before, there continues to be a polish and confidence that Mikaela exudes. This tour should be a great opportunity for a more mainstream pop audience to discover and dive deeper into listening to her music.

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Kacey Musgraves

The bells and whistles of the set started immediately with Kacey entering through the curtains. Drenched in smoke, her rhinestoned suit stood out. Then igniting behind her, a large heart lit up, perfectly matched with the performance of “Star-Crossed”. Rolling into “Good Wife”, Kacey finished the song with a smirk saying “I was a good wife.”

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After extinguishing the initial wave of anticipation, Kacey sprinkled the audience with cherry colored confetti while finishing “Cherry Blossoms”. The large screen behind her transformed with images and large camera peeks of her performance. A stage mostly empty of equipment, the subtle heart-shape was an obvious thread throughout the evening. 

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Rumor has it that her band spent 9 days rehearsing this tour at the Xcel Energy Center, it quickly paid off with timely lighting visuals and a collage of beautiful images on the screens. For “Space Cowboy” a large disco ball consumed the room with beams of white light. The wristbands in the audience had tasteful moments during songs, adding another layer of feeling connected to Kacey. 

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Even her loaded merchandise stations got a mention before performing “Hookup Scene.” Kacey shared they were selling condoms at her merch tables. After a pause she then shared, “Kids, wrap it up” to a large bout of laughter and applause. We also witnessed the return of ‘kaceyoke’, where she sang a cover selected by an audience member.

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Packed in between the visuals were softer moments where Kacey tread back to her smaller days. Her breakout single “Merry Go ‘Round” had the crowd swaying, while “Camera Roll” addressed the not advisable action of going back into your loaded gallery of photos in your phone.

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The pinnacle of energy came with the pre-encore performance of “There is a Light”. Filling the arena with lasers and confetti cannons, the fevered dance track felt like the best ending to the set. But after a shower of rose pedels, Kacey finished with two songs off her 2018 album; “Slow Burn” and “Rainbow”.

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Although a bit untimely with the concern of COVID, Kacey’s tour packs a punch with her collection of music and spot-on effects. The feeling of being together again, sharing in the memorable moments, and singing along certainly gives you a great reason to mask up and enjoy a small slice of heartbreak with Kacey.

To see her full remaining tour and get tickets, click HERE.



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Having spent 13 years recording and producing Minnesota artists, along with running a small record label, Smouse is a passionate advocate of musicians and artists in Minnesota.


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