HONNE: Members, Career, Unique Style, and More

HONNE Performing Live at Fine Line
HONNE - Photo by Braden Doucette

Modern music has evolved as time has passed, thanks to the continued growth and innovation in genres such as electronic, soul, and even pop and rock. This has created new avenues for innovation in music and gone beyond what is believed to be musically correct. The English electronic music duo HONNE is one of the latest artists with unique flair emerging in the music industry. 

Who is HONNE, and how did their modern approach to music get everyone to have HONNE’s music on their well-curated playlists? And why do supporters worldwide play their hit songs and sing them every chance they get? Find out that and more below. 

Who is HONNE?

HONNE is a British electronic band formed in 2014 in Bow, London. The word Honne is Japanese for “true feelings.” Their first debut single, “Warm on a Cold Night,” was released in September 2014 under Super Recordings. From there, HONNE has continued to become rising stars, with their work becoming popular music among the youth. 

The upbeats and futuristic tones of their music, along with lyrics that tug at people’s heartstrings, have significantly influenced the musicians’ supporters, drawing comparisons with artists such as Drake, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Let’s also not forget the rhythmic beats that can remind us of one of the classics, The Beatles!

“We want to spread that positivity everywhere we go and everywhere our music travels,” they told Euphoria Magazine. “If we can make a load of people a little bit happier, a little bit more positive, or a little less anxious over our lives, then it will have all been worth it.” 

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HONNE Performing Live at Fine Line
HONNE – Photo by Braden Doucette

HONNE Members

HONNE consists of James William Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, who make their own music, from songwriting to producing. 

Where is HONNE From? 

Both Hatcher and Clutterbuck were born in England. They met in 2014 at a London university and eventually formed the duo.

Where Does HONNE Live?

The electronic duo resides in London, but Clutterbuck has also previously lived in Los Angeles and Hackney, East London.

HONNE Performing Live at Fine Line
HONNE – Photo by Braden Doucette

How did HONNE Become Famous?

In November 2014, just a few months after their debut, HONNE followed it up with another EP release, All in the Value. On the same day, they debuted at Sebright Arms, a well-known pub in London, United Kingdom, that caters to live music from local acts. 

Another milestone came early the following year when they performed in February to a sold-out crowd at Electrowerkz in London. Afterward, they announced the release of their new EP, Coastal Love, under their own recording label, Tatemae Recordings. 

On July 22, 2016, HONNE reached its peak with the release of its first full-length album, Warm on a Cold Night, which reached global success—especially in Asia, where the album became multi-platinum in South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. 


With the debut full-length album officially taking off, the duo embarked on an extensive HONNE tour, performing for festivals in different parts of the world, such as Coachella, Wanderland, WayHome Festival, and Summerwell. 

HONNE released their sophomore album, Love Me/Love Me Not, in August 2018. The tracklist features collaborations with artists like Tom Misch, Beka, and Nana Rogues. 

In 2019, HONNE collaborated with BTS member RM to release another version of one of their most-played HONNE songs, “Crying Over You.”

HONNE’s dedication to constantly bringing out new music is unmatched. In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, HONNE produced their first mixtape, No Song Without You. They’ve also produced music for other artists, such as Griff, who released the song “1,000,000 X Better the same year. 

HONNE released their newest album, Let’s Just Say the World Ended a Week from Now, What Would You Do, on October 22, 2021. This is their third album, and it features artists such as Niki and Khalid. 

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HONNE Performing Live at Fine Line
HONNE – Photo by Braden Doucette

What Genre is HONNE?

HONNE has been inventive with its musical style over the years. It started with electronic music and eventually grew into other genres. When asked about their music in an interview with, they said: “We try to develop, move forward, or switch directions with each album to keep our music fresh…for our sake and our listeners. We want to stay excited about making music.” 

Examples of this development and change are evident in such HONNE songs as “Warm On a Cold Night,” which has a soul, electronic vibe, to the hip-hop tones of “Love Me/Love Me Not.” 

How Popular is HONNE?

HONNE has garnered a large following in and out of social media and streaming services throughout their music career. They have a YouTube channel with more than a million followers. HONNE’s music is also available on various music streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, with 3.6 million monthly listeners on the Spotify app and more than four million online streams per week. 

HONNE has also become popular among indie music enthusiasts in Asia, which they have visited numerous times while touring. The music they release has become relatable to Asian viewers because of the elements intact within their overall aesthetic as artists, such as in their music videos and album covers.

Why is HONNE Popular in Korea?

HONNE has become popular with Korean audiences because of its dreamy tunes and catchy lyrics, with songs like “Location Unknown” being a solid hit.

In an interview with The Korean Times, Clutterbuck recalled their first time performing in Korea. “I remember it being one the best nights of my life, and we’ve fallen in love with the place. Everyone’s lovely, and there’s loads of amazing stuff going on. That’s why we love to visit.” 

Korea is also one of Honne’s most visited countries during their tours. 

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