Do Cats Like Music? 5 Tunes to Keep Your Cat Happy

do cats like music
Do cats like music? Image by Michael Sum on Unsplash.

Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 08:18 pm

Furry friends are often just as big of a part of our lives as music is! But do cats like music?

It might be a strange concept to think of, but cats and dogs likely enjoy music just as much as we do but probably have genre preferences.

So, what kind of music can you play for your cat who is too picky to drink out of a water dish that isn’t the sink?

Read on to learn all about whether or not domestic cats like music and the perfect songs to play for your cat.

Do Cats Like Music?

There have been many studies performed on cat behavior to find out if cats like music or not.

Unfortunately, these feline behavior studies have been less than conclusive, but many scientists to believe that cats do enjoy listening to music based on their knowledge of cat behavior.

But here’s the caveat: cats, unlike dogs, are a bit pickier about their genre.

According to one scientist, cats tend to only like songs that mimic the sounds they like in nature, like bird chirps and purring. He even goes as far as to say that cats don’t like human music because it isn’t in their instinct to.

One cat behaviorist, David Teie, has theorized that kittens who are introduced to music when they are young, will continue to enjoy it as they become older cats.

So, if you don’t want to buy special music for your cat, then you better plan to introduce your kitty when they are a kitten!

Wondering how to tell if your cat likes music? Turn on the tunes and wait!

If your cat purrs or rubs up against the speakers, they probably like it. Some music is even designed to be soothing and get cats to sleep.

If your cat cries, hides, starts scratching, growls, or runs away, then it’s likely not the right genre for them.

If they meow along loudly, you know you’ve found their jam!

can cats hear music
Can cats hear music? Image by Daria Shantova on Unsplash.

Can Cats Hear Music?

Cats can in fact hear human music, but they likely don’t hear everything the same way we do.

Because their auditory system is more sensitive (they can hear up to 64,000 hertz while we only hear up to 20,000 hertz), cats don’t tend to like any music which is too loud, or with lots of beats.

They also hear songs in a much more high-pitched range than we do, so they may hear something you don’t in your favorite tune.

This means your cat won’t be sitting next to you during your next Ozzy Osbourne jam session or when you pull up Journey, but they might join you to listen to calming, classical sounds.

Look for tunes with higher rather than low frequencies—something which you think might be comforting for your cat. Watch their body language to see whether or not they like the music.

All cats are different, and you might need to try a few songs before you find the one for your cat. If your cat shows any signs of being frightened or scared, such as hissing, yowling, or growling, it’s best to turn the music off right away.

It’s important to note that wild cats or feral cats probably won’t like music as much as your new kitten will.  

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Music For Cats

Want to get your indoor cats some tunes? The good news is, that musicians all over the world are dedicated to making some music that your furry friend enjoys.

The scientist we mentioned earlier, David Teie, is also a cellist who creates music just for cats. Cat lovers can find playlists for cats on Spotify.

If you don’t want a pre-made playlist, animal scientists recommend starting your cat off listening to classical (anything with an orchestra) or light pop music and see how they react.

They don’t recommend playing rock or heavy metal music as this might stress out adult cats.

Or you can check out our recs for different types of music below and soon your cat will be a happy cat! (And we all know this is a major part of cat care!)

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Cat Music Recommendations


1. “The Violin Concertos” by J.S Bach

A good place to start introducing your cat to music is anything classical. We recommend a violin concerto as string instruments can replicate the sounds of nature cats are attracted to.


2. “Magic Music for Cats”

Supposedly tested in 2022 with unbelievable results, this calming music of chimes is supposed to put your cat to sleep, soothe them, and just help them relax.

We can’t make any claims of our own about these cat sounds, so you’ll have to test it out on your furry friend.

Owners of anxious cats speak highly of this mix though!


3. “Bird Chirping” by Nature Sounds

This isn’t technically a song, but our cat came running over when we played this…so must sound like music to her ears!  

Be aware, however, that this music may not fit all your cats’ moods. If they are meowing or in distress, it might be better to find another tune.


4. “Blackbird” by The Beatles

Based on the feedback from our cat based on the nature sounds, we had a hunch she would enjoy this tune and we were right!

This song is light pop with some bird chirping and might be right up your cat’s alley as well. So, turn this music on and see if your cat likes this melody.


5. “Cat Music”

If you are tired of listening to bird chirping, “Cat Music” which is a mix of nature sounds and harp music might be something you and your cat can enjoy together…if you can stay awake that is as even humans will find these melodies relaxing.

We hope you’ve learned a little something about music for cats, and now know the answer to the question “Do cats like music?” All that’s left to do is make your own playlist for your furry feline friend.

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