Do Dogs Like Music? Plus, 5 Tunes to Keep Your Dog Happy

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In the 21st century, dogs have gone from a working hand on the farm to an important member of the family! So, as you sit around on a Friday night, you might wonder “do dogs like music” and as much as you do?

We’re going to cover everything having to do with dogs and music in this article, so read on to discover whether or not dogs like music and what tunes you should play for your furry friend!

Do Dogs Like Music?

If you’ve ever spent some time on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve likely seen a video or two of dogs dancing to music. But are they doing this because they like music? Or just because they are excited that their owner is dancing too?

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As it turns out, dog behaviorists aren’t exactly sure about the answer to the question “do dogs like music?”.

Sometimes it may seem like dogs like music as they howl along with the tune. But one particular behaviorist, Nick Jones, in the UK says the dog is likely just happy to be social with its “pack.”

Dogs come from wolves which are notorious pack animals. In fact, dogs aren’t meant to be alone at all, which is why they often destroy things when left alone.

Therefore, it is very likely that when you get up and dance, your dog does too because you’re part of his family, and he wants to be included in the action!

That being said, a study was performed that showed that music can keep a dog calm and help them with separation anxiety. So maybe dogs do like music after all!

Do dogs like music
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Can Dogs Hear Music?

Dogs can absolutely hear music. While it may not hit them the same, as long as a dog is not deaf, they can hear something when music is playing.

Dogs hear a wider range of sounds than humans, though, and as a result, they aren’t as able to tell the differences between frequencies as humans are.

This means that when a dog is listening to a song, it likely sounds different than when a human listens to them. It may even sound like one long note for all we know.

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What Music Do Dogs Like?

Surprisingly, they have done over 29 studies about dogs and music over the years. This means scientists actually have a good idea of the type of music dogs like.

In most studies, dogs gravitated toward classical music. This makes sense because their hearing is so much better than ours, so louder genres would hurt their ears!

But this doesn’t mean they don’t like other genres, as when rock and heavy metal were played, the dogs were likely to stand, bark, and howl.  

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So, it’s up to you to interpret whether these behaviors in your dog are considered annoyance, or them enjoying a little Metallica.

Scientists also think that music with low bass may soothe dogs because the sounds of it mimic the heartbeat of their mother, whom they used to snuggle with when they were younger.

It is important to note, however, that while dogs may like music, playing it for too long can agitate them.

Turns out that even dogs need some peace and quiet sometimes! Also, remember to keep the music at a level that is comfortable for your dog, so it won’t hurt their ears.

do dogs like music?
A few dogs, image by Matt Nelson on Unsplash.

Dog Music Recommendations

Want to start playing some tunes for your furry family member? A great place to start is Spotify, which has a variety of dog-friendly playlists.

We also suggest trying the tunes below to get a better gauge of which genre your dog prefers.


1. Anything Mozart

It’s a good idea to start with classical since most dogs reportedly like this genre. Your dog probably won’t howl or dance around, but maybe this composer will help soothe them when you aren’t home!

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2. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

If your dog likes classical, the next step up is to check out some pop. We recommend this song by Ed Sheeran because it has a rhythmic beat that just might remind your dog of his mom.

Plus, you can dance to it and see if your pal joins in!

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3. “The Nexus” by Amaranthe

When you want to see if your dog likes heavy metal or rock, we recommend starting with the European band Amaranthe which produces dance metal.

This metal has an obvious beat, which your dog might like, along with small screaming parts to see how your dog handles the heavier parts.


4. “Take Me Home” by John Denver

Since dogs like classical, they probably like country too. Try a song with a little twang and see how your dog responds. We recommend John Denver.

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5. “I’ll Play the Blues for You” by Daniel Castro

Blues and jazz also seem like genres a furry friend would like. We suggest throwing on a little Daniel Castro to find out!

Overall, we highly suspect that the answer to the question “Do Dogs Like Music?” is yes! (But we also might be a bit biased!) But like humans, dogs probably have different tastes, so try playing a few different tunes for your dog and see what they like!

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