Dizzy Fae: The Next Star on the Rise Hits 7th St Entry

Tuesday night brought Dizzy Fae to First Avenue’s famed 7th St Entry for a performance with Su Na & Psymun

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Walking into 7th St Entry on Tuesday night brought me into a sort of trance. The history the venue holds is apparent as soon as you walk through the doors, and it’s impossible not to think about all the amazing performers that have stood on that stage up until this point. Making it even better was tonight was all about the Twin Cities, and it was clear all three artists were more than ready to showcase their talents at a venue where every local performer dreams of playing.

Opening the show was Psymun, a record producer from Minneapolis. Psymun is most easily recognized for his 2014 release, the Pink Label EPbut has also worked alongside other local favorites such as Allan Kingdom, Spooky Black, and Sophia Eris. I have never seen someone play so fast and furiously on MIDI before. It was an impressive and well-rounded performance that definitely got the crowd ready for what was to come.

Psymun Performing at 7th St Entry – Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Alec Ness, better know as Su Na, was up next and is also a producer who is originally from Minneapolis. Armed with an arsenal of MIDI keyboards and effects, the performance was a lesson in multi-tasking. In one of his electronic drum solos, the projection screen behind him illuminated full of yellow, pink, and orange flashes of light, lining up almost perfectly with his performance. It was a treat for all the senses and proved that Su Na is a force to be reckoned with in the Minneapolis music scene.

Su Na Performing at 7th St Entry – Photo Credit: Emma Roden

When Dizzy took the stage, I immediately saw this glow of feminity take over the room, which really grabbed my attention. The crowd was calm and listening to her soulful soft voice, hanging off every word flowing from her lips. My first impression of Fae’s music was a feeling that is like no other. Listening to her will take you to a place of bliss inside a colorful atmosphere.

Dizzy Fae Performing at 7th St Entry – Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Overall, these performances absolutely took my breath away. While many people in attendance may have been experiencing these artists for the first time, it was clear after they were done that it wouldn’t be the last. Dizzy Fae, Psymun, and Su Na are three names that you are going to want to remember, because you will be seeing them on marquees across the country very, very soon.

Dizzy Fae – Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Written by Taylor Brennan


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