Spring is Sprung Tour Stops in Minneapolis

Great Good Fine Ok, Smallpools, and Half the Animal bring the dance party to Varsity Theater

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IMG 1602

Just in time to celebrate the end of classes and the start of summer, Great Good Fine Ok, Smallpools, and Half the Animal threw an incredible party to kick off the summer at the Varsity Theater. The night was filled with disco beats and joyful synth melodies that were sure to make the crowd dance.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Half the Animal, the newest band on the tour, started off the night with a very solid set.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Chase Johnson, the lead vocalist, displayed exuberant energy and showmanship that was contagious to the crowd.

Their hit song, “Babylon,” was well known by most in attendance, a fact that was easy to tell from the audience singing along.

Smallpools took the stage second. These indie-pop veterans showed their worth with a high energy set that shook the building.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

It was great to see them explore their whole discography by pulling songs ranging from their first single, “Dreaming,” to new material that they will be releasing soon.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Although they experienced a plethora of technical difficulties throughout the set, they handled the stress extremely professionally and played a killer set, to say the least.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Great Good Fine Ok capped off the night with mind-blowing guitar and keytar solos, beautifully supported falsettos, and a charisma that left the audience smiling from ear to ear.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Their expert musicianship partnered with their amazing stage presence surpassed all expectations from a synth-pop band playing in a college town.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Not only did every song feel like a summer hit, but they drifted off of the original recordings to include masterfully improvised solos from each of the band members.

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

Drummer Danny Wolf exploded into a booming solo that left the crowd speechless. The highlight of their set was by far “Find Yourself,” their newest single. Every single person was singing to the top of their lungs. You can take a listen for yourself here:

Photos By: Joshua Garcia

The Spring is Sprung tour kicked off summer in a way that could only be experienced live. I will be spinning all three bands accompany this beautiful season of sun, cold beer, and car rides with the windows rolled down.

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