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Clay Borrell moves to LA, starts new band, ufo ufo— Releases “Barely Alive” music video

Clay Borrell is a Minnetonka native who has been cutting his teeth in the midwest music scene since he was a young teenager. It wasn’t long before Clay spread his wings with his eyes set on larger skies— or larger skylines.

Clay moved to Los Angeles, California and created an indie group with other LA transplants, Reid Guidry (bass guitar), and Brandon Iverson (drums) and created the name ufo ufo.

They recently released their new single “Barely Alive”, the long-awaited follow-up to their first singles, “Strange Clouds” and “Fools”, which have a combined 10 million streams.

Produced by Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik, “Barely Alive” tackles the struggle for direction and individuality we all face in today’s landscape

ufo ufo band photo. Three band members sitting in a room with newspaper on the walls

They’ve made it a crime
To step out of line
Or go against the grain
They cover your eyes
And only hope that you behave
This brave new world is all we know

Led by fluttering bass and slick, fluorescent synths, “Barely Alive” finds ufo ufo delivering their most refined performance yet.

“I wrote the song about the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to literature in high school, but for some reason, that book really stuck with me,” says Clay.

“I like to think a lot of it applies to the world we live in and where the world is headed. Personally, I lean towards the feeling of thinking differently and going against the grain. It’s about the journey of finding myself and trying to figure out where I fit in.”

I’m excited to see what comes next for this group. Keep your eye out for more music from ufo ufo by following them on their social media or by joining their mailing list on their website.

Written by Bo Weber

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