Bob Seger’s Net Worth 2023: The Legendary Silver Bullet Leader’s Gold

bob seger's net worth
LOS ANGELES - FEB 12: BOB SEGER arriving to Grammy Awards 2012 on February 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Image from Shutterstock.

Bob Seger is an American institution, and the Detroit-born rocker has written more classic songs than you can shake a stick at. 

The singer is among the highest-selling artists, with over 75 million record sales.  

Today we’ll cover Bob Seger’s net worth, the details of his income, and how he amassed his wealth.

Bob Seger’s Net Worth

So what is Bob Seger’s net worth? Bob Seger’s estate is most commonly estimated to be $60 million US dollars, although depending on the source, his estimated net worth varies from $45 to $70 million. 

How Did Bob Seger Get Rich?

Bob Seger made his money through his career in the music industry. He has several Platinum singles and albums, although only one US number-one hit.

The singer, who plays guitar and piano, wrote most of his hits, typically as the sole songwriter. 

This arrangement means he could draw the bulk of the songwriting royalties for his recordings and control and profit from any song licensing for his material.

A notable exception comes from his most famous song, “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

The song was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, and the in-house songwriters George Jackson and Thomas E. Jones III are the only credited writers.

Seger asserted that he wrote all the lyrics in the song except for the chorus, but as he did not think it would be popular, he didn’t bother to ask for credit.

As a result, he missed out on the songwriting royalties for the x2 Platinum hit and cannot control or profit from the song’s licensing. He has since called this his biggest mistake in the music industry.

Seger also draws substantial income from hosting his music on online streaming platforms. 

On Spotify, he maintains 6.5 million monthly listeners and has several songs with over 100 million streams, which would pull in considerable royalties. 

Finally, Seger has been a major concert draw since the mid-1970s. For example, his 1996 tour was the fourth-largest tour in North America for the year by ticket sales.

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bob seger young
LOS ANGELES – circa 1991: Singing star Bob Seger pulls money out of his wallet outside Roxbury nightclub. Image from Shutterstock.

Bob Seger’s Private Jet

One of the perks of being a rockstar is traveling in luxury, and Bob Seger doesn’t shy away from this, as evidenced by his habit of touring with a private jet.

Since his commercial break out in the mid-’70s, Seger has exclusively traveled by private jet. 

“It’s just the way I like to do things,” he said.

Curiously Seger and the Silver Bullet Band have never toured with a bus. They got big so suddenly after a long period of obscurity that they went straight from traveling in station wagons to private jets.

“We were poverty-stricken the first ten years of our careers, but after Night Moves and Live Bullet, we just skipped a step,” he explained.

Bob Seger’s Cars

Bob Seger has excellent taste in cars and has several hot rides. 

Seger’s cars include a silver 1976 BMW 530i with a four-speed manual transmission. The rocker has been vocal about his love for stick shifts.

He’s also a self-confessed Jeep junkie and has a six-speed manual 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, which he used as his daily driver for at least half a decade.

Seger has noted that the Rubicon is a genuine off-road vehicle and could be driven coast to coast “without a road.”

The singer also has a candy apple red 1969 Shelby Cobra GT350 Fastback with a 351 Windsor V8 engine. The car is notable as it is Ford’s last original Shelby and has been displayed at the Rock Stars, Cars & Guitars Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.

He’s fond of classics, as he had a beautiful blue 1965 Mustang Fastback. He owned the car for 41 years before selling it in 2006.

Seger told the new owners that it was the first new car he had ever purchased and that he picked it up in San Jose, California, on the way to perform in San Francisco.

The rock star is also a Porsche fan and owns several sports cars. His favorite is a 2011 Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet, which has a top speed of 187 miles per hour and can haul from a standstill to sixty in 4.7 seconds.

Seger has said he’d like to drive it more than he does but rarely gets the chance as he keeps it as his Florida residence rather than his primary home in Detroit, Michigan.

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bob seger cars
DETROIT, MI/USA – March 2, 2018: A 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 car restoration, on display at the Detroit Autorama, a showcase of custom and restored cars. Owner: celebrity / musician / singer Bob Seger. Image from Shutterstock.

Bob Seger’s House

Bob Seger’s house is an opulent 18,368-square-foot mansion on four acres in Orchard Lake, a suburb of his hometown of Detroit. 

The $9.6 million house has eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and space for eight cars.

Features include a music studio in a converted carriage house, a golf simulator, a game room, and 500 feet of frontage on Upper Straits Lake.

Seger initially lived in the house for two decades and later purchased an adjoining $1.2 million lot. In 2009 he used this opportunity to demolish both houses and built his current home on the site.

A fire damaged the house (including the golf simulator) on October 31, 2021. Luckily, no one was injured in the blaze, which was confined to the chimney flue.

How Much Does Bob Seger Make Per Concert?

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band earn gross revenue of $1.4 million per concert, with an average of 12,244 tickets sold at each of his tour dates. 

Sometimes he earns quite a bit more money, such as the $1.95 million he pulled in from his Bridgestone Arena gig in Nashville on January 11 from 14,370 ticket sales.

Now, naturally, how much of that cash that gets to Bob Seger will vary, as he also has to front the money to make sure the salary for staff members gets paid and other costs covered.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to see how the frontman got so rich with this kind of concert draw.

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How Much are Bob Seger Tickets?

Seger typically charges an average ticket price of $170 for his gigs, although budget tickets for his shows can be picked up for as little as $60. 

bob seger early years
LOS ANGELES – circa 1991: Singing star Bob Seger pulls money out of his wallet outside Roxbury nightclub. Image from Shutterstock.

Bob Seger’s Early Years

Bob Seger was born in Detroit, Michigan, at the Henry Ford Hospital to Stewart and Charlotte Seger. The couple had two sons, the other being Bob’s older brother George.

At age five, Seger and his family moved to the smaller Michigan city of Ann Arbor. He later used Ann Street, off Main Street of Ann Arbor, as the inspiration for his radio hit “Mainstreet.”

Seger’s father, who worked for the Ford Motor Company, was a musician, and this formed Seger’s early exposure to music. Stewart Seger abandoned his family when Seger was ten and moved to California, which left his wife and children to struggle financially.

Seger completed all of his schooling in Ann Arbor before returning to Detroit in 1961 to make his mark on the music scene. He initially formed a three-piece act called the Decibels and later played in various bands and projects.

Bob Seger’s Career

Bob Seger released his first album Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man in 1969, and the title track from his debut album became his first Billboard Top 20 hit.

The vocalist achieved his commercial breakthrough with his April 1976 live album Live Bullet and October 1976 studio album Night Moves.

Night Moves went x6 Platinum in the US. They featured his usual backing musicians, the Silver Bullet Band on five tracks, and legendary Alabama performers the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section on four tracks.

Few singers are as critically lauded as Seger, as he’s picked up seven Grammy nominations and a single win. The latter was for his 1980 album Against the Wind, for which he and the Silver Bullet Band won Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal. 

The classic rock legend was also inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. He reunited the Silver Bullet Band lineup for the event and performed live with his longtime band members.

Although best known for rock music, his career has covered various genres, including pop music, hard rock, folk, and country.

His classic tracks include rock songs like the mega-hit “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

He’s also found success with slower tracks, such as the ballad “Turn the Page,” and even with funk, such as with “Shakedown,” which was famously featured on the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack in 1987. The song was also his lone Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit.

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What is Bob Seger Doing Now?

Bob Seger has officially retired as a touring act. He completed his farewell tour in 2019 to more than 700,000 fans. 

In 2021, he confirmed that his touring days were done while discussing the death of longtime Silver Bullet Band saxophonist Alto Reed, who died at 72 on December 30, 2020.

“I don’t think I could go out (on tour) without him,” Seger said.

During the promotion for his 2019 farewell tour, the lead vocalist stated that he wasn’t done with songwriting and would consider completing more recordings.

However, so far, little has emerged for listeners on this front. His last release was the “Shakedown” live single, which he dropped on August 16, 2019, while promoting his final tour.

The rock n roll star’s final studio album was 2017’s I Knew You When. However, he has issued some re-releases in the intervening years, such as the 2021 remaster of the Live Bullet album on a double vinyl format.

How Old is Bob Seger Today?

Bob Seger’s age is 77 years old, and he was born on May 6, 1945.

How old is Bob Seger’s wife? Seger’s wife, Juanita Dorricott, was born in 1964, and she is currently 59 years old, which makes her 18 years younger than her husband.

bob seger family
Bob Seger and family at the EMI Music 2012 Grammy Awards Party, Capital Records, Hollywood, CA 02-12-12. Image from Shutterstock.

Bob Seger’s Wife

Bob Seger married Juanita Dorricott in 1993, and they are still together. The couple’s two children are Samantha Char Seger and Christopher Cole Seger.

Dorricott was born in Kent, Ohio, and has enjoyed a successful career as a lawyer. Little else is known about her as she maintains a private life.

How many times has Bob Seger been married? Seger has been married three times.

His first marriage was to Renee Andrietti in 1968, before he was famous, and it lasted one day short of a year.

He began an 11-year relationship with Jan Dinsdale in 1972, while in 1987, he married for the second time to Annette Sinclair. The pair divorced after a year.

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