What Is Anitta’s Net Worth? How the Brazilian Superstar Got Rich

anitta's net worth
Anitta in 2015. Image by Renan Katayama on Wikimedia Commons.

Step aside soccer, Brazil has a superstar who has proven she can outshine the nation’s most iconic sports team. Anitta, the talented Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, and television host had an amazingly successful 2022. 

After winning numerous awards and establishing herself firmly on the international music scene, you might wonder: what is Anitta’s net worth? Read on to find out more.

How much is Anitta worth in 2023?

Is Anitta rich? Certainly. Anitta’s net worth in 2023 is $50 million. Her monthly salary is $65,000.

Anitta picture
Anitta in Rock in Rio in 2022. Image by Humor Multishow on Wikimedia Commons.

How Did Anitta Get Rich?

Anitta, born Larissa de Macedo Machado, has always loved to sing. Her introduction to singing in front of an audience was at the tender age of eight in church. 

As her love for singing grew, she started her own YouTube channel as a teenager, and it wasn’t long before she was spotted and signed with Furacão 2000, an independent funk carioca label. 

Warner Music snatched her up following the release of her first single, “Meiga e Abusada,” and its subsequent success. Her talent had been discovered, and the money started rolling in.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Anitta?

Booking Anitta to perform at an event, speak at a function, or make an appearance could set you back in the region of $180,000 to $315,000. 

The booking fee depends on the type of function and duration. 

This much is true: Annitta knows how to get paid.

How Much Are Anitta’s Concert Tickets?

Tickets to see Anitta perform average about $63 per ticket. 

The price of the tickets also depends on whether it is a solo performance or part of a music festival. 

For example, when Anitta performs at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, a ticket can cost as much as $429.

Anitta on Social Media

The star has a huge social media following. 

This includes a following of 17 million people on YouTube, 63.6 million on Instagram, and 24.4 million on Spotify.  

Who is Anitta married to?

Anitta isn’t currently married to anyone. She was briefly wed to Thiago Magalhães from 2017 to 2018.


Anitta’s House

The “Girl from Rio,” as she calls herself, now has a home in an exclusive gated community in west Rio de Janeiro, an hour’s drive from where she grew up. 

She spends most of her time at her three-story Miami mansion, with a large swimming pool, palm trees, and a jacuzzi. 

As her massive estate shows, Anitta is living the life of the rich and famous, a far cry from her humble beginnings.

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Anitta’s Dogs

Positively pooch crazy, the Brazilian star has no less than nine dogs

Not content to have six fur babies around her homes, she adopted three while on a European trip. 

Her favorite companion is Plínio, who even travels on tour with her.  

When you have as much wealth as Anitta does, why not indulge in your love of dogs? 

Early Life

Larissa Machado was born on March 30, 1993, and grew up in the lower-income neighborhood of Honório Gurgel in Rio de Janeiro. 

Childhood And Education

The young Brazilian’s parents divorced while she was a child, and she grew up with her mother, who had custody of the two children. 

They struggled financially, having very little cash; however, recognizing her talent, her grandparents encouraged her to sing in the choir at church. 

Her mother’s teacher noticed that Little Larissa showed some talent in dance and gave her free lessons. 

After finishing a course in Public Administration, she once again turned to the arts, this time as a career choice.

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Anitta’s professional singing career began by pure chance after being spotted singing into a deodorant bottle on YouTube in 2010. 

She had already mastered the art of funk carioca, a local style of dance music popular in her neighborhood, which continues to be a controversial dance style in Brazil to this day. 

Her stage name was influenced by the character Anita from the television series Presença de Anita, which was broadcast in 2001. 

Anita was a character she admired for her ability to be different people all at once, so after adding an extra ‘t,’ she formed the name by which she is known today.

anitta in 2021
Anitta in an interview in 2021. Image by Tony Dandrades on Wikimedia Commons.

What Was Anitta’s First Big Hit?

After signing a record deal with Warner Music Group in 2013, she had her first massive hit. “Meiga e Abusada” was the most requested song on the radio, and the hits kept coming. 

Later that year, she went on her first national tour, which proved to be highly successful. 

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International Success  

Asked by AFP if she could point to a moment when her international career took off, she replied, “It was all meticulous, gradual work, like a little ant. It still is. You work years and years to make things happen little by little. As we say in Brazil, a lot of water has flowed under that bridge.”

Bang was Anitta’s third studio album, released in 2015, and in retrospect, the title gave some insight into how her career would proceed from then on. 

The album led to international success, collaborations, new albums, English language songs, and increased revenue. 

To date, she has recorded five studio albums, one live album, two extended plays, 47 singles (as the main artist), and 66 music videos.

Is Anitta a part of the LGBTQ community?

In her 2018 documentary series, Vai Anitta, she announced to the world that she was bisexual. 

Annitta confessed that she no longer wanted to hide her status, adding, “If I go to the club and I want to kiss a girl, I don’t want to be scared of people seeing me and freaking out.”

Anitta has performed alongside stars like Christina Aguilera to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

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Is Anitta the Richest South American Celebrity?

Anitta’s net worth is impressive, but she isn’t the richest South American celebrity.

Here’s a rundown of the list:

  • Pabllo Vittar net worth – $8 million
  • Karol G net worth – $8 million
  • Maluma net worth – $22 million
  • Neymar net worth – $200 million
  • Ludmilla net worth – $8 million
  • Ivete Sangalo net worth – $100 million

Is Anitta in a relationship?

The Brazilian Queen of Pop keeps her private life exactly that. Private. 

However, she revealed in June 2022 that she was dating Canadian record producer Murda Beatz, but sadly the relationship only lasted two months.

Anitta’s Recent Accomplishments

In March 2022, Anitta became the first Brazilian to ever reach the world’s number one position on Spotify with her song “Envolver.” 

Nominated for her first Grammy Award in 2023 in the Best New Artist category, she may still consider herself the “Girl from Rio,” but she’s definitely a rising star. 

Anitta’s net worth will only continue to rise in years to come.

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