Air Supply Play The Hits at Ordway Theater

All preconceived notions of what the night might hold were proved wrong as Air Supply rattled off hit after hit last night

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DSC 4317 e1509129272913

Ok, I’ll admit that I know some Air Supply songs and went to this concert with some preconceived notions on what the crowd was going to be and what I thought the show would consist.  I figured it might be two guys with a guitar and maybe a keyboard player trying to relive a career once had.  I imagined the Ordway Theater turning into an AARP style singles bar perhaps named “menopause cafe” for the night; where old couples would be romantically swooning each other to the songs they played in cassettes while they conceived their kin. Well, there is a reason my name is Richard because I feel like a really big one after seeing this show.


Singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock were joined with guitarist Aaron CMclaine, bassist Derek Frank, keyboardist Mirko Tessandori and Aviv Cohen on the skins. From the opening note of Russell Hitchcock’s voice, I was quickly shown how wrong I was. The guitars, drums and those VOICES quickly reviewed how they have been creating music and touring for over 42 years.


Meeting while they were both performing in Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rices Jesus Christ Super Star in the 1970’s they have produced hit after hit, and both sound stronger than most voices half their age. Sure it doesn’t hurt being backed up by a very talented band, but these guys proved that they are class entertainers. The theater was less then half full, yet they made everyone in the theater feel like they were seeing the biggest concert of their lives.  At one point even coming out into the audience to preform hits while taking selfies with everyone on attendance.

The set list was easy to remember because they are one of those bands that you know all of theirs songs without even realizing it!  It was hit after hit after hit. I few song were ones that I did not even know they wrote. Just knowing at one time or another I have found myself singing while driving in my car.


I have learned a few things tonight and one of them is I will proudly state that even while wearing one of my many Iron Maiden t-shirts is that I am an Air Supply fan!

Written by Richard Dollarhide

Photographer, Photojournalist, Executive Chef and Full Time Artist


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