GRiZ Says It Loud Once Again At The Myth

Unprotected sax was had by all


Last updated on October 30th, 2017 at 12:11 am

I mean what can you say? When you go to a GRiZ show, you’re guaranteed an electro-funk filled show packed with bright lights, an undeniable swagger, and great friends you didn’t even know before the show. GRiZ took the stage at Myth on the coldest night of the fall so far, and even though snow and the biting cold was on everyone’s mind while in line, the game changed immediately when you stepped into the Myth.


Much like a music festival, going to a GRiZ show brings you together with a community of dedicated fans, who deeply connect with the music that brought them there.  For those 5 hours, the night belonged to the crowd of GRiZ faithful, known as GRiZFam.


Hailing from Southfield, Michigan, Grant Kwiecinski started out like a lot of suburban kids with the piano and their band instrument of choice in elementary school. In his case, he chose the alto saxophone (Great choice Grant, obvi the coolest kids play sax through high school, I would know) that would eventually define his music. He eventually graduated from high school and went on to Michigan State, where he first started to make his own music, which lead to being the DJ at many friends’ parties, fraternities, and shows; which lead to his first album, End of The World Party, which led to him supporting acts like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Gramatik and Big Gigantic, which lead to four more albums and headlining tours all across the country. His rise to a well-known name in the electronic world was fast, yet also jam-packed, much like the run-on sentence prior to this one.


His shows are no different. They’re absolutely crammed, bookended by more or less non-stop music, barring the occasional joke to the crowd. The lights are bright, & colorful, the sax solos are magnificent, and the energy radiates from both the stage and the crowd. This formula has not changed drastically since the times he first started headlining, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The experience still finds a way to surprise you every time you go.


This particular show featured his recent hits like “Good Times Roll” and “Gotta Push On” but also drew on favorites from every one of his albums. The show also included some very new material from “Chasing The Golden Hour II” which was a big departure from his typical work, as it was something that you’d be more likely to hear in a lounge, than a large venue like Myth Live.


It featured a duet with his backing guitarist Muzzy, who also opened the set earlier in the night. However, it ended up being a great way to bridge the show to a very high-energy ending.

A GRiZ show, as I said earlier, is a festival like experience. The music is infectious, the crowd radiates happiness, and the energy will get keep you dancing well past midnight on a weekday, where most would rather stay home due to the weather.


If you have never been to a GRiZ show, and you like music festivals and music with an undeniable groove, you don’t have too much of an excuse to not go. It was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a long time, and I was “working.”

Written by Chris Taylor

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