15 Best Masterclass Courses for Musicians

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Taking a Master Class from a professional is a great way to either learn a new skill or hone the ones you already have. While there are many opportunities to take certain classes from other instructors, learning from a professional can provide you with a unique perspective from someone who is in the midst of the field you are looking to learn. 

Carlos Santana Teaches the Art and Soul of Guitar

Carlos Santana, a Mexican-born American guitarist, and musician has been making his mark on the music industry with his passion and authenticity that has become legendary. Santana has been performing for over fifty years and combines blues, rock and roll, jazz, and Afro-rhythms with a Latin twist that is both refreshing and distinctive.

In his MasterClass, Carlos Santana brings his intense passion for music to individuals all over the world as he teaches the Art and Soul of the Guitar. During his class, he shares his insights and what it takes to be a true musician and guitarist which comes from the heart. His desire is to teach others to find the heart and soul that lives inside of them and bring it to the learning of the guitar.

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Timbaland Teaches Beatmaking

Known for his eclectic style of producing music, Timbaland rose to prominence in the late 1990s as a rapper, songwriter, and producer in the hip-hop industry. Having been in the music industry for more than two decades, Timbaland is known for songs such as “Cry Me a River” and “The Way I Are.” Throughout his career, he has had the honor of working with artists such as Ludacris and Beck.

Timbaland’s MasterClass teaches people about producing and beat making which has made him the musical sensation he is today. He gives his students the tips and wisdom that he uses daily to create a unique sound. Timbaland teaches about not only how to create that sensational sound, but equipment, software, and style focus for potential artists.

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Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Known on the stage as Deadmau5, Joel Thomas Zimmerman is one of the most well-known electronic music or EDM artists today. Getting his stage name from an actual mouse he found in his computer when he was making a repair, the name stuck with him, although he changed the last two letters to a 5. This Deadmau5 performer takes the stage with a mouse head and his computer and other equipment.

His MasterClass, Electronic Music Production, gives students his insight on how to produce sounds on the right equipment including the computer. Deadmau5 focuses his class on helping students to develop a style that is all their own. Through encouragement and leading by example, he emphasizes the importance of going out and creating music if that is what you want to do.

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Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting and Producing

Alicia Keys is a phenomenal singer and songwriter who has won many awards throughout her career and has sold more than 40 million records worldwide. Alicia, who was born Alicia Augello Cook, learned to play the piano when she was just seven years old. Over the course of her career, she has won 15 Grammy Awards. 

In her MasterClass, Alicia Keys teaches Songwriting and Producing to students who have a desire to learn songwriting, lyrics, and the process of all of them. During her class, she emphasizes to her students the importance of bringing heart to creating your music. By sharing her personal experiences, she teaches students about finding their unique voice to create the music they desire.

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Questlove Teaches Music Curation and DJing

Questlove, otherwise known as Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is an American musical artist who is most widely known for his drumming in the band The Roots, who is the house band on the Jimmy Fallon Show. He is also a producer and DJ and has released about 14 studio albums with his band throughout his career.

Questlove’s MasterClass teaches students about Music Curation and DJing by showing them his secrets to successful DJing and curating music like a pro. His focus during the class is on curating playlists that are amazing and how to know where specific songs and music should be organized. He wants to show his students how to become a great DJ. During his MasterClass, Questlove teaches students how to be the kind of DJ that gets people moving on the dance floor.

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Learn Drumming from Ringo Star

Ringo Starr is known for being the drummer in one of the most prolific musical groups of all time, The Beatles. During his time with the Beatles, the band soared to the tops of many musical charts with their many phenomenal songs. Although The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988, Ringo himself was inducted in 2015.

Ringo Starr’s MasterClass on Drumming and Creative Collaboration focuses on not only his own journey, but also collaborating with other artists, songwriting, and drumming. He shares his insights from his many years in the music industry about what works and what needs to be improved to work. He emphasizes the importance of loving what you do and doing it from the heart.

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Usher Teaches The Art of Performance

Usher is a well-known R&B artist whose music took to the top of the music charts not just because of his amazing musical talent but also because of his ability to entertain the audience with his dance moves. He is one of the most talented superstars with his abilities in songwriting, dancing, singing, and acting.

During his MasterClass, Usher teaches the Art of Performance that started with his own experiences throughout his career. His goal is to give his students the depth that they need to commit to the world of entertainment. Usher’s desire is to give his students the belief in themselves that they can bring into their own performances. It is not just a dance class, but an experience that will thrust students into their own as a performer.

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Metallica Teaches Being A Band

Metallica is one of the most sensational heavy metal bands that became a household name in 1981. The members of the band are James Hetfield (rhythm guitar/vocals), Robert Trujillo (bassist), Kirk Hammet (lead guitarist), and Lars Ulrich (drummer). Although there were several changes to their roster over the years, the chart-topping music never suffered.

In Metallica’s MasterClass, they focus on Being A Band and all of the nuances that go along with it. They teach about writing songs and including everyone in the band in the entire process that goes along with creating music. During the class, they teach through their most famous songs and attempt to inspire students with a personal concert. They emphasize the importance of making a commitment to each other as well as the music.

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Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

As one of the greatest musicians of all time, Christina Aguilera has brought over the course of her career eight studio albums where she belted out songs with her uniquely wide range of vocals. Songs such as “Genie in a Bottle” and “Beautiful” truly entranced the audience with her lyrics and powerful voice.

In her MasterClass, Christina Aguilera teaches students about singing from her experience as an amazingly talented singer and songwriter. Her main focus during her class is on trusting yourself to bring your talent to the next level. Through her own struggles with second-guessing and perfectionism, she brings this to her students in a way that helps them to learn to create music that is also amazingly beautiful.

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YO-YO MA Teaches Music and Connection

Yo-Yo Ma has won 15 Grammy Awards during his long career in music. He is a cellist who is well known not only for his brilliant musical compositions but also for his passion for philanthropy. Although a child prodigy in music, he has gone on to learn and create music that is inspiring to many people.

Yo-Yo Ma’s MasterClass is about Music and Connection through his unique teaching style of creating music that is magical. During his class, he emphasizes the belief that making music is about making connections to yourself and to the world around you. His teaching methods will take you into his world and teach you how to create music along with those connections that are vitally important.

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Danny Elfman Teaches Music for Film

Danny Elfman is an American composer and songwriter who has written music for many television shows and movies during his career. He has won many awards for his musical scores such as Golden Globes, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, and Critic’s Choice Awards. He is known for his music on such movies as Men in Black, Beetlejuice, and Batman Returns.

Danny Elfman’s MasterClass teaches students Music for Film by bringing them into his world and teaching them how to put all of the components together to create film scores that express the perfect tone. His goal is to teach students how to learn to take failures and create something amazing out of them. 

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Itzhak Perlman Teaches Violin

Itzhak Perlman is an Israeli-American classical musician, conductor, and music teacher who has won at least 15 Grammy Awards during his musical career. He was a child prodigy who learned to play the violin as a young child. He now not only conducts music but also teaches others the art of playing the violin.

In his MasterClass, Itzhak Perlman teaches the Violin where he shows students a wide range of components that are important to playing the violin. He teaches this through connection with the music that is focused on a passion for what you are playing. During the class, he invites students to sit in and have discussions about what playing is like and what it takes to be great.

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Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukulele

Jake Shimabukuro was first introduced to the Ukulele when he was four years old. He learned to play the instrument as a way of coping with his parent’s divorce. Jake is a phenomenal Ukulele artist who mesmerizes his audience with his amazing musical talents. 

Jake Shimabukuro teaches a MasterClass on learning to play the Ukulele. He encourages students that have had an Ukulele on their shelf, to actually take it out and learn to play. With his no-nonsense attitude and simple instructional style, Jake teaches students how to play in a way that changes their life.

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NAS Teaches Hip-Hop Storytelling

Nas, or Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, is one of the greatest rappers of all time. He is well known for his music that has earned him platinum and multi-platinum album awards during his career. Known for his albums Illmatic and King’s Disease, Nas has won both Grammy Awards and BET Hip-Hop Awards.

NAS teaches Hip-Hop Storytelling in his MasterClass to show students how to tell a story that is truthful and inspiring. He emphasizes the importance of using your life stories to inspire your own lyrics. During his MasterClass, he will not only teach aspiring hip-hop artists but will also share his music with them.

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Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music

Reba McEntire has been known as the “Queen of Country Music” because of her amazingly talented vocals. Over the years she has won awards such as Grammy Awards; Country Music Awards, including Entertainer of the Year; as well as People’s Choice Awards. She has been not only a singer and songwriter but also an actress in several well-known television shows and movies.

Reba McEntire teaches Country Music in her Masterclass with the intention of teaching students who want to be in the music industry. She discusses picking out the right songs, how to sing, and getting up on stage with a presence that will captivate the audience. Through her experiences, she teaches students to always move forward to do the best possible job of singing and performing despite hardships.

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