Maggie Rose: Take A Seat Tour Stops At The Entry

Intimate Entry Perfectly Suited For Maggie and Them Vibes

Maggie Rose, Them Vibes, Rock, Country
Maggie Rose At The 7th Street Entry

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 04:08 am

Made it to the 7th Street Entry a little early, got a beverage of my choosing (Ginger Beer), and just like Maggie Rose, I took a seat, waiting for her show at this small, quaint, and cozy venue.

I was surprised when we got a local artist to start the night. The original ticket said Dylan Hartigan was slated as the opener. Honestly, it turned out better as Minnesotan Natalie Murphy kicked the night off.

Natalie Murphy, Maggie Rose, Country, Rock
Natalie Murphy Opening Up Maggie Rose At The Entry

Natalie brought the fiddle out, saying everyone always asks – could you please play something I can dance to? Guess what? She wrote a song titled “Something I Can Dance To“!

Well played, Natalie. 

Natalie set was on the short side (as most opening sets are), that’s alright as her night was hardly finished. She made two more appearances including sitting in on a few songs with Maggie Rose.

Them Vibes, Maggie Rose, Rock, Soul
Them Vibes Opening Up For Maggie Rose

Playing next is a group called Them Vibes. I must admit, I’ve never heard them before. I just figured they were Maggie’s backing band. They were and they are. Just much, much more.

Them Vibes rocked, bringing a fun and high-energy set to the crowd. Giving off a 70’s psychedelic vibe, that reminds me of a touch of the Stones and Black Crowes. Just hopefully not being idiots like the Robinson Brothers, who managed to run their band into the ground.

Some of the more memorable songs were “Why The Funk Not“, “Sinners Revelry” and “Right On” featuring Maggie Rose.

Maggie Rose, Rock, Country
Maggie Rose: Take A Seat Tour

Maggie Rose joined Them Vibe on stage to finish the night. This was either my 4th or 5th time seeing Maggie live. This was the 1st time as the headliner, also the 1st time seeing her indoors and the 1st time of her not being part of a Country Music Festival.

What stood out to me is Maggie’s voice sounded even better in a small intimate setting like the Entry.

I was a little surprised to hear Country tonight, considering her new album is based more on Blues, Rock, Soul, and Pop.

Maggie nailed pretty much everything that incorporated her new album Take A Seat- “For Your Consideration“, “Saint“, andWhat Are We Fighting For“. So many beautiful songs, with the album leaning towards inclusivity and just getting along.

Maggie Rose, Country, Rock

The best song of the night for me was “Do It“, an uptempo number that was kind of bluesy and jazzy fun. Kind of like JJ Grey and Mofro when the brass gets going in full swing. Absolutely delightful.

Maggie Rose’s latest single a cover of “I Feel The Earth Move” is an interesting take. Stripped down to its core and given a more soulful punch. If you listen to the new version, don’t expect to hear anything close to the original.

If you get a chance, take a seat and give Maggie Rose a listen. It’s a fun easy-going vibe with a powerful, soulful voice.

Written by Brett


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