WE Fest Brings Back Country Roots

An open field, close friends, country music and a cold beer.

We Fest 2018 Live Images

WE Fest is a wonderful place to listen to great music, meet new people and make lasting memories with friends. That is why I was excited to enjoy my fourth weekend at WeFest on August 1st – 4th, 2018. This festival is more than just country music to me. It feels like home.

I grew up in “Middle-of-Nowhere” Wisconsin where my cowboy boots were meant for saving my toes from being stepped on by a horse and the holes in my jeans weren’t there when I bought them. I love how each song reminds me of simple times, hard times, and everything in between. This year, as expected, more unforgettable memories were made.

Carrie Underwood We Fest 2018 Live

Carrie Underwood headlined Thursday night with her charming smile and big voice. She blew us away with her harmonica skills and also played acoustic during the show. Underwood was especially impressive when she belted out “The Champion.” She even rapped during Ludacris’s part!

Rodney Atkins Wife 2018 We Fest Live
Photo by Berzin

Friday night, Rodney Atkins stole the show when he brought his son on stage while singing “I’ve Been Watching You.” Something about this song just tugs on my heartstrings! He then sang a duet with his wife, Rose Falcon, singing “Rest of My Life.” I was struck by her amazing voice. The couple’s chemistry onstage was one of a kind. We were ecstatic to meet Rodney Atkins after the show and take a photo with him!

Rodney Atkins WE Fest 2018

The final night, Jason Aldean brought in a full crowd! The venue was absolutely packed with rowdy country fans. Before performing his latest single, “Drown the Whiskey,” he teased the crowd indicating his duet partner, Miranda Lambert was backstage.

Jason Aldean We Fest 2018 Live
Photo by Keith Griner

He then admitted he was joking. (He got me…Rude!) Towards the end of the night, he lifted a glass to make a toast and said, “Hate to see anyone drinking alone.. So we decided to join you!” The crowd erupted on cue.

We hope you can join us next year for another great time at WeFest in 2019! View the full We Fest image gallery, here.

Written by Music In MN


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