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The Iron Maidens, Cover Band, Iron Maiden, Route 47 Pub and Grub, Rock, Rock and Roll

We got to Route 47 Pub and Grub about 90 minutes before the first band was due onstage. If you have ever been to this place, then you know if you want a table for the night you’d better get there early. A little food (by the way, the burgers were excellent) and partaking in a couple of adult beverages beforehand helped prepare us as we eagerly awaited The Iron Maidens to hit the stage.

Hit the stage they did! Over and over and over. The band went on and off stage for soundcheck for close to 2 hours. The first band was due on stage at 7:00 pm, not even close, folks. Soundcheck finally wrapped up about 9:00 pm. We were not sure what the issues were, but I heard a couple of people talking about leaving. Why? Would you want them to come on stage and sound shitty? I don’t get it.

Revenant Soul, The Iron Maidens, Route 47 Pub and Grub, Rock, Rock and Roll, Minnesota Music, Music in Minnesota, Concert, Live Music
Local Act Revenant Soul Opening Up For The Iron Maidens

Finally, it was music time! Revenant Soul, the first of two local bands, started to play. I honestly can’t name one song from these guys, but I can tell you they sounded great, with the music geared toward 80’s Rock Style. The lead singer, Greyson Serie, definitely has a great stage presence and actually sings instead of screaming (gasp). Once again, in 80’s style fashion, there was hair flying everywhere and heavy guitar riffs.

Electric Eye, Minnesota Music, Music In Minnesota, Judas Priest, Rock, Rock and Roll, Concert, Live Music, Route 47 Pub and Grub
Electric Eye(Judas Priest Cover Band) at Route 47 Pub and Grub

Electric Eye (A Judas Priest Cover Band) was next, and the last local band to play. I’ve been meaning to see these guys for a while now, and finally everything worked out and I got the chance to see them. The wait was worth it, this band does Judas Priest justice. They have the attitude, the lead singer looks similar to Rob Halford. The sound is what really got me though! Was it dead on? No. It would be unfair to expect that. Was it very similar? Absolutely! The only knock we could find was on a couple of occasions the guitar player wasn’t as tight as you’d think. This is life and this is Rock and Roll, so some little differences are expected and can make the show quite entertaining. If you’re a Judas fan, go see these guys live! Especially if you plan on seeing the real deal later this year.

The Iron Maidens, Iron Maiden, Rock, Rock and Roll, Music in Minnesota, Live Music, Concert, Route 47 Pub and Grub
Kirsten Rosenberg(AKA Bruce Chickinson) Lead Vocals Of The Iron Maidens

Now for what everyone was waiting to see! The Iron Maidens! Granted, it was an hour and a half later than planned, but still, these five badass ladies captivated the crowd almost from the getgo. I say ‘almost’ because it took another pause to get the correct sound into Courtney Cox‘s Earwig. After the short break, there was no stopping these ladies as they broke into “2 Minutes To Midnight” for the second song.

The Iron Maidens, Iron Maiden. Route 47 Pub and Grub, Rock, Rock and Roll, Music In Minnesota, Concert, Live Music

The Route 47 Pub and Grub was hotter than hell! You can blame the weather, the crowd, the beautiful ladies up on stage, or their absolutely killer Guitar work. As you would expect from a cover band, it was nothing but hits from these ladies. With a band like Iron Maiden, the guitar playing would be plenty hard, but the vocals? Ugh, I wouldn’t envy anyone trying to pull that off. My Lord, listen to Bruce Dickinson, now try to approximate that and yet still try to sound original (like yourself). No Thanks, that would be a hard pass. Lead Singer Kirsten Rosenberg (Bruce Chickinson) was not only flawless, she made it sound downright easy. Unbelievable.

The Iron Maidens, Rock, Rock and Roll, Concert, Live Music, Music in Minnesota, Route 47 Pun and Grub

Not only were these ladies entertaining, they did a lot more than most headlining acts would or do. Immediately after the show, they headed to the back of the bar and personally sold merchandise, took pictures and selfies with the fans and autographed everything that was put in front of them. What a great night at The Pub! Thank You, Ladies!

If they come back here, get some friends together and go see The Iron Maidens live! You can thank me later.

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