Third Eye Blind Headlines Snowshow at Myth

Third Eye Blind at Myth, Photo by Travis Meier

The stage was set and the headliners were chosen. It was time for the Snowshow at the Myth, except no one told the snow. The weather didn’t feel like participating until later in the week, but that didn’t stop the lineup. This year’s bill featured Gully Boys, Dreamers, Smallpools, and headliner Third Eye Blind (TEB).

The anxiously awaiting throwback crowd embraced two and half hours of album quality performances with the band’s interaction of a scarecrow. Hovering and swaying around mics stands were the norm which made the much-anticipated wait longer.

Smallpools at Myth, Photo by Travis Meier

There was a glimmer of hope when the band Smallpools implemented a tambourine throw from an audience member and released an inflatable Killer Whale into the crowd. It was dedicated to the controversy surrounding the band’s name, and what people on the internet think about small pools. The overlap was so great, the band dedicated a song to the whales and set theirs free every show. Take that Free Willy!

Orca Whale crowd surfs during Smallpools show, Photo by Travis Meier

Soon it was time for TEB, entering the stage in flashy fashion, with almost all instruments in crystal white and the band dressed in all black. They took the stage shrouded in silhouettes and started smashing hits, transporting us all back to the time of their self-titled album.

Third Eye Blind at Myth, Photo by Travis Meier

The crowd sang along, nailing every word. The singing quickly faded when the band jumped to their newer releases, but the light show carried the weight. The singing soon returned when the oldies came back to close out the show.

Third Eye Blind at Myth, Photo by Travis Meier

The quad Indy pop-punk lineup put on an outstanding musical performance. It was a night of ear-candy throwbacks. Each band sounded like their album but their lack of crowd interaction truly showed. Having hit singles, light shows, and flying whales helped the tempo and reminded us of great memories through the music.


  1. Thanks a Lot
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Wounded
  4. Can You Take Me / London
  5. Graduate
  6. Screamer
  7. The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)
  8. Walk Like Kings
  9. Ways
  10. Slow Motion
  11. Motorcycle Driver By
  12. How Soon Is Now? / Another Life / Palm Reader
  13. Anything / Say It (Guitar Solo) / Crystal Baller
  14. Blinded (When I See You)
  15. Jumper
  16. Light It Up


  1. How’s It Going to Be
  2. Semi-Charmed Life

Written by Travis Meier

Black coffee drinking traveling photojournalist based in NE Mpls!


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