The Japanese House falls into a good place at The Fine Line

Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 09:30 pm

The Japanese House just released their first album in almost two years back in March. That release impacted how delighted they were to perform most of it at Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis last night.

Photo Credit: Emma Roden

Although before we get into how great The Japanese House is, we have to talk about how insanely talented Art School Girlfriend is. She may have had a pretty short set, half an hour to be exact, but she definitely didn’t disappoint. She performed completely by herself and played old and new songs. Art School Girlfriend, otherwise known as Polly Mackey, makes music for anyone looking to feel true emotions. Seeing her perform live is equivalent to feeling every emotion you can feel within thirty minutes.

From the second Art School Girlfriend left the stage, the crowd was impatient for The Japanese House to go on. For me, taking photos at Fine Line is different than shooting at any other show. There is no photo pit or anywhere for photographers to work, so you’re almost forced to hang out in the crowd and dodge heads to get good shots. Although this can be a pain, it makes for an interesting night, especially because I’m usually never in the actual crowd.

Photo Credit: Emma Roden

The backstage door opened and all of the members of The Japanese House walked onto the stage. Amber Bain stepped onto stage last and then jumped in front of the mic. She didn’t waste time before singing her heart out. This was the third night of the tour and all the band wanted to do was play music, so that’s what they did. Besides mentioning what songs they were playing, which included an old song “Still”, a new song titled “Far Away”, and an acoustic song titled “Dream”, Amber didn’t talk to the crowd much. This didn’t stop the crowd from singing along and smiling from ear to ear.

Photo Credit: Emma Roden

The Japanese House is a band that has toured with The 1975 and has released many amazing EPs and albums in the past couple years. If you haven’t heard of either of these artists, you need to. You can purchase tickets to the rest of the “Good At Falling” tour at

Written by Anna Paulson


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