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  • the best french rappers of all time
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    The 10 Best French Rappers of All Time

    Most people assume that rap is a genre that is only prevalent in the United States. But the truth is, many of the best rappers come from other countries, like France. While their rap may not sound the same (the french language is very smooth in comparison to English), there are likely some French rappers […] More

  • hip hop artists that changed the game DMC on the red carpet making a symbol with his hands
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    10 Hip-Hop Artists that Changed the Game

    Hip-hop is hands down one of the most prominent genres in the music industry. Most people hear it every day on the radio, in a commercial, or in a store.  Hip-hop can take on many forms, including DJing, freestyling, gangsta rap, trap, East Coast/ West Coast, contemporary, and, most recently, SoundCloud rap.  November is Hip-Hop […] More