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  • Zakk Sabbath, Zakk Wylde, Varsity Theater, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Music In Minnesota

    Zakk Sabbath Live At The Varsity Theater

    Cover bands are a dime a dozen. You can see one pretty much every day of the week somewhere in the Twin Cities. But a Black Sabbath tribute band? Now that is rare. How about making it an all-star band? Enter Zakk Sabbath, a band that features lead guitarist Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label […] More

  • New Found Glory Varsity Theater Minneapolis Minnesota June 21 2019 From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town Tour
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    New Found Glory: Pop-Punk Icons or Famous Movie Stars?

    Last night, Florida-based pop-punk staples New Found Glory were welcomed warmly to Varsity Theater for a riveting performance of their From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town tour. After sixteen years without radio play, the band still managed to effortlessly sell out the show, making it a night that was highly anticipated by […] More

  • Mod Sun and LostinVegas performing while crowd lights up venue with lights

    Return of the Hometown Hippy, Mod Sun

    The first couple times I had the pleasure of seeing Mod Sun was when I was 15 years old. At the now-deceased Station 4, a venue typically home to metal-heads and punk rockers, the eccentric, self-ascribed hippy repeatedly wound up on show bills tucked in between bands known for guttural screams and brain splitting breakdowns. […] More

  • Josh Ramsey and Mike Ayley Mariana's Trench Varsity Theater Suspending Gravity Tour May 25 2019
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    Marianas Trench Sells Out Varsity Theater

    Last night a sold-out Varsity Theater warmly welcomed Canadian rock-band, Marianas Trench back to Minneapolis for the first time since November of 2015. Eager fans filled the venue early in anticipation of the tour in support of the band’s newest album, Phantoms. Eclectic Electric Doors opened at 7 p.m. and opener DJ George Thoms took to […] More

  • Drake White and The Big Fire on state at the Varsity Theater

    Drake White Emanates Exuberance in Twin Cities

    Jordan Brooker Fans Flames of Crowd at Varsity Theater Twin Cities residents and out-of-town guests who trekked to the Varsity Theater to see the Drake White show with opening act Jordan Brooker last evening were overtly entertained and seriously moved by their collective party-hearty grooves. Although these fans came ready to party, Brooker, along with […] More

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    Y’all Want Some Gravy?

    As the crowd wrapped nearly half a block around the doors to Varsity Theater, there was no question that Yung Gravy had a lot of hype surrounding his 4/20 performance. Many people have fallen in love with Gravy’s unique style of music and were ready to sing along to their favorite songs of his. Before […] More

  • Haley Reinhart Amsterdam Bar & Hall St. Paul, MN April 15th 2019 Lo-Fi Soul Tour

    Haley Reinhart Shines Bright in St. Paul

    Do you remember what you were doing at around 8:00 PM on Wednesday, May 5th, 2011? I do, and it’s a night I know I will never forget. That is the night I heard Haley Reinhart, then a contestant on the wildly popular TV show American Idol perform the song “House of the Rising Sun.” […] More

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