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  • Borzoi

    Borzoi Rocks Moon Palace Books

    “Hi, we’re Borzoi, from Austrail… Melbor… Austi… Tex…… some continent that borders the Pacific,” bassist Taylor Brown said in introduction as he smiled at the Thursday night crowd. Then the band launched into to its first gritty, tight, purposefully fast offering. Borzoi has been making music for half a decade, and these three swift, talented scoundrels are […] More

  • niiice 1

    Band of the Month: niiice.

    With a name like niiice., one could think that the local emo/punk band pulled their name from the classic Minnesotan stereotype. In actuality, Roddie Gadeberg, the vocals and rhythm guitar of the quartet, drove past the billboard that inspired the name in North Dakota. And for a self-described nice, weird and dorky band, the stylized […] More

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    Less than Jake at First Avenue

    On February 6th, Less than Jake came to First Avenue in Minneapolis, accompanied by Pepper and Red City Radio. Less than Jake has been a band longer than some of their fans have even been alive. Whether you’ve been with them since their start in 1992, or you heard them for the first time at […] More

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    Marah In The Mainsail – Good People, Peculiar Music

    Minneapolis musicians Marah in The Mainsail don’t quite seem to fit in with most bands. Members Austin Durry, Alec Weber, Cassandra Sabol, Brady Lundy and Andy Hanna brought their own personal musical influences into the kitchen to whip an original genre in what they call folk-core punk-grass. Their interesting sound paired with old-timey getups have given audiences a reason […] More