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    Queensryche deliver The Verdict

    Over three decades, Queensryche has not only brought music to their fans, but also created friendships and families with their active participation in their fan club through the ’90s and in into ‘2000s. These fan clubs, known as Empires [named after the 1990 Empire album], are represented in many counties, states, and cities throughout the […] More

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    Cannibal Corpse Kill It at The Skyway

    MetalBlade Records and Decibel Magazine brought the original undertakers of the Death Metal music, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel to The Skyway Theater in Minneapolis. Traveling with the masters of growls, groans, ear bleeding guitars, and chest shattering drums were the Oakland based Necrot and Denver Colorado’s Blood Incantation. Being that I really have not […] More

  • Five Finger Death Punch Target Center Minneapolis Minnesota November 20th 2018

    Self-Proclaimed Heavy Metal Band Five Finger Death Punch Performs For a Sold-Out Target Center

    Five Finger Death Punch has always struggled to be taken seriously in the world of heavy metal. Even after their first three albums were released to much commercial & critical acclaim, gaining a foothold in the notoriously elitist metal community was difficult for them.  Many questioned Ivan Moody’s ability to write meaningful lyrics, claimed the […] More

  • Gwar Injury Live Costumes Performance Tickets Blood Bruise Minnesota

    Bloody and Bruised after GWAR Concert

    RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Crowd Killing: purposefully injuring the crowd on the edge of a mosh pit while moshing. These are important definitions, but I’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk about the troupe of blood-spraying monsters known as Gwar. Gwar is a heavy metal band. Gwar are performance artists. Gwar are social […] More

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    Somniosus releases long-awaited collection

    Somniosus‘ first, and what may be their only, release is a collection of individual journies. Rather than a cohesive album, each installment of the 5 track EP features its own artwork, theme, and mood. The self-titled collection, which hit Bandcamp earlier this week, is the product of two year’s worth of effort from the Minnesota-based group. From […] More

  • Metallica Brings A Revolution To Target Center- Photo by Brett Fercho

    Metallica Brings a Revolution to Target Center

    For nearly forty years the San Francisco based thrash metal band Metallica has reigned supreme as modern day legends. Throughout their career, the band has generated a massive following of hardcore and loyal fans. The fans’ love for the group proved strong as many stood out in the rain to pre-game at the Metallica Block […] More

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    Slayer Rocks Minnesota, One Last Time

    It’s already been a good summer for metal fans in the midwest. After the Northern Invasion hit Somerset, Wisconsin, earlier this month, one might think the fanbase would have been satisfied. Not so. And with good reason. Slayer, one of the reigning kings of the genre, and also one of its defining forces, has decided […] More

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