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The local metal rockers have moved onto other projects, but their music still feels immediate 1
Somniosus- Courtesy of the Artist

Last updated on September 30th, 2018 at 06:24 pm

Somniosus‘ first, and what may be their only, release is a collection of individual journies. Rather than a cohesive album, each installment of the 5 track EP features its own artwork, theme, and mood.

The self-titled collection, which hit Bandcamp earlier this week, is the product of two year’s worth of effort from the Minnesota-based group.

From the intense intro of “Dead Sea,” to the final electronic hum at the end of “The Wolf Who Cried Boy,” the album is a blistering opus that features intricately layered vocals, hammering double bass drum, fast and intense bass and guitar work, and tempo changes that would make any progressive metalcore fan give a throaty roar of approval.

The band admits they take their inspiration and writing styles from a broad range of music, and it shows. The metal is not without synth breakdowns, acoustic sections, and instrumental experimentation. The result is a showcase of the overwhelming skill of musical members Marty List-Tesdell (drums), Carter Olson (guitar), Jake McStravick (guitar/vocals), Nathan Gerdes (bass/vocals) and Nathaniel Meyer Breimhurst (keys). The deep growl of Andrew Schumacher’s lead vocals is occasionally paired with a variety of different styles of backing vocals, which makes the entire experience even wilder. There is a lot to listen to here.

Now that there is little chance of seeing these songs performed live (the bandmates had a get-together to listen to the album, but only performed on Rock Band instruments), the best option is to slap on your favorite set of headphones and give the music your full attention, the attention it deserves.

The album is available to stream or with a name-your-price purchase option at


Written by Scott Bryan

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