Periphery Hits Minneapolis on Hail Stan Tour

Pioneers of progressive metal, D.C. based band Periphery showcased their technique and distinctive style at the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday night with Veil of Maya and Covet. Periphery formed almost fifteen years ago and has been setting the pavement for what the metal scene is today.

Misha Mansoor started Periphery back in 2005 and has since, displayed his incredible talent and ear for unique music. Mansoor wrote most of Periphery’s music up until now but was happily surprised with the ownership taken by multiple band members to write their newest album, Periphery IV: Hail Stan.

Guitarist in Periphery playing next to lead vocalist, Misha.

Mansoor commented on the album and emergence of one of their newest members, Mark Holcomb, saying, “When Mark joined Periphery, we realized that not only was this song written by 3/5ths of Periphery members (which is more than can be said for most Periphery songs) but that it really fit the vibe of what we wanted for this album and in general.”

Periphery is a hard band to forget and has toured with artists such as Dance Gavin Dance, The Contortionist, and Bring Me The Horizon. They’ve developed a strong reputation touring nationally and internationally while still working hard to create albums that are unique and well-crafted.

Drummer of Covet smiles throughout his set on the Periphery tour.

Covet opened the show last night with a unique and captivating set. This San Francisco based instrumental progressive metal trio brought a unique energy and show to the Skyway.

Musically, Covet fit very well within the lineup of the evening, but their lack of vocalist and video projections throughout their set gave them a look and feel that reminded me of bands like Animals as Leaders and Polyphia.

Yvette Young during Covet’s set at the Skyway Theatre.

It was also great to see female musicians like Yvette Young working within the metal scene and playing a key role in Covet’s performance. I often hear people asking why there seem to be so few female and non-binary show-goers compared to males within this realm and I think it’s inspiring and exciting to see a badass female musician being accepted into the industry and putting on a killer performance.

Veil of Maya followed Covet and brought the energy up with their stage presence and the audience’s anticipation for Periphery. Throughout the set, the audience moved in waves, jumping and singing with the band. During the performance, bassist Danny Hauser pulled out his unique and signature 7-string bass to wow the crowd and showcase his individuality and skill.

7 String
Veil of Maya’s bassist uses his 7 string bass during their set on Wednesday.

As Periphery slowly made their way to the stage for the final set of the evening, the crowd erupted with excitement and energy. It was a joy to see the musicians messing around with each other on stage, smiling and moving throughout the space. Periphery hasn’t come to Minnesota in a few years, but had an amazing turnout, especially for a Wednesday night.

It was disappointing that Periphery’s longtime bassist, Nolly, wasn’t at the show and left the band back in 2017, but even though an integral part of the band was missing last night, the rest of the band entertained the crowd and put on a show to remember.

Veil of Maya’s guitarist at the beginning of their set in Minneapolis.

There’s something really distinctive about Periphery’s contributions to the metal scene. Being able to see them perform and notice the influence they’ve had on the bands they have toured with and the ones that I listen to today leaves me with a greater appreciation for their technique and growth as a band.

Last night was filled with movement, music, community, and talent and each band brought something unique to the table. Leaving the Skyway Theatre, I could still feel a buzz of excitement and was still humming along to some of my favorite songs of the night on my drive home.


Written by Lauren Zimitsch

Twin-Cities based photographer focusing on color, experience, and storytelling. Find me on Instagram at @kylo_lau_ren and let me know what you think!


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