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Seven Lions Returns to the Armory for Halloweekend

When the Minneapolis Armory reopened its doors last year, Seven Lions was the first EDM artist to perform. Eager concertgoers jumped on tickets to experience the new venue, and the show sold out. A little over eight months later, Seven Lions returned for Halloweekend 2018.

Before the first official set, the crowd was welcomed with a surprise Seven Lions B2B MitiS B2B Jason Ross set.

Photo by Grace Gnahn

Jason Ross, a Minneapolis native, is a progressive house artist taking inspiration from a variety of genres, including classical and jazz. His performance, filled with trance beats and positive vibes, set the stage for the rest of the night.

Midway through Jason Ross’ set, the crowd began to pile in. Attendees in costumes hit the floor dressed as everything from zombies to penguins to the Mad Hatter.

Photo by Grace Gnahn

Next, MitiS hit the stage with melodic beats that built up to heavy dubstep. Originally trained as a classical pianist, MitiS strives to create a sound heavily influenced by his upbringing and passion for bass music. He closed out his set with an impressive remix of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart.”

Photo by Grace Gnahn

Consistent with previous performances, Seven Lions opened his set with original songs and detailed visuals. Every new scene seemed to tell a story, and the crowd was taken on a mythical journey.

Photo by Grace Gnahn

During his original song “Where I Won’t Be Found,” he guided us through natural landscapes and emotional human interactions. He transitioned into his major hit “Rush Over Me” as a tree of life developed on the screen. 

Directly following, Seven Lions brought electronic music fans back nearly twenty years as he dropped “Sandstorm”by Darude paired with heavy lasers and geometric mandala visuals.

As he moved from “Sandstorm” into his recent release “After Dark,” three women dressed head to toe in white linens, with witch-like nails dance over a cauldron.

Photo by Grace Gnahn

As his set came to an end, dramatic piano played while scenes from the highly influential 1922 horror film Nosferatu (a story of Count Dracula) appeared on the stage.

The crowd enjoyed several of his greatest hits, including “Don’t Leave” and “First Time.” At the end of the show, fans stood together for a final song. After interacting with several people in the audience, it’s safe to say that Minneapolis is hopeful that Seven Lions will return to the Armory again.

Photo by Grace Gnahn

This review was a combined effort of Sierra Meyer and Grace Gnahn.

Written by Grace Elizabeth


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