Lexi Lemonade Unveils a Flavorful Symphony: “Flavors” EP Takes the Music Scene by Storm [Interview]

Lexi Lemonade Posing

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After a two-year hiatus and becoming a mother of two, Lexi Lemonade made a triumphant return with her latest EP, “Flavors,” last December 13, 2023.

Lexi Lemonade is a multi-dimensional artist, based in New Jersey who isn’t afraid to step outside the box. Since her singles ‘Drip’, ‘How Could I’ and ‘Flavors’ were released, Lexi was featured on various platforms such as Women of Substance Radio, IndieTop39, and Shodement’s Global 12 Concert to name a few.

Tune into “Flavors” and catch our exclusive interview with Lexi Lemonade below.

Music in Minnesota: Tell us about the creation process of this project.

Lexi: I made this project over the span of 2 years. It actually became a form of creative therapy for me. Before each session I would go to my library and read some inspirational books and then record in the studio. It really helped me to get into the flow of things and channel my creative energy into each song.

I would write the songs in my bedroom and produce a demo track to record the demos. Once completed I brought it to the studio where all the magic happens! The rest is herstory!

MIM: What does this project mean to you?

Lexi: This project is really special to me because it’s my first ever release to break into the music scene. Since a very young age, I’ve always admired people like Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Christina Aguleria, Michael Jackson for how authentic and bold their styles were.

I also loved how music always transported me to another world and was always a way to make me feel in a way that nothing else has been able to do. I was inspired to create my own and would play around making “beats” on my kiddie piano.

Unfortunately, I never believed that I could actually do it myself or that I was good enough. Until one day during my college years I decided to just go for it. It really forced me to accept myself fully as I am, my voice, and my creativity and take the leap and put myself out there.

Here I am now, a bit wiser and fully ready to go for my dreams head on!

MIM: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Lexi: I would say the biggest would be Michael Jackson. Ever since I discovered him there hasn’t been a year where I did not watch his music videos. His delivery was so excellent it’s almost mythical in nature. I also admire Rihanna her authenticity and the way she just owns everything that she does. I think in the beginning there were people who doubted her but she really turned out to be so iconic which is so beautiful to me.

MIM: What inspires you to create music?

Lexi: Music to me is almost like an alternate reality. I just really love the way it makes me feel, it’s a tool for healing and also a tool for expression. When I create music, I can visualize worlds in my mind and I feel the music just brings everything to life. It really brings me joy.

MIM: What is one piece of advice you would tell your younger self, or anyone who is pursuing a career in music?

Lexi: Just do it! Don’t listen to the doubters and don’t listen to that thing in the back of your mind that’s keeping you from doing what you want to do. Practice daily, practice makes progress. As you keep going you will get better. Everyday is a learning lesson and an opportunity for growth. Also have fun don’t take things too seriously.

MIM: What can listeners look forward to from you?

Lexi: Working on releasing a few things later this year! Make sure to follow me on your streaming platforms!

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Written by Angelo Ruelan


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