Lady Lamb Brings Her Deep Love Tour To 7th Street Entry

Lady Lamb - photo by Laura Buhman

Aly Spaltro has been releasing music under the moniker Lady Lamb for more than ten years. Her singer-songwriter stylings are fed with vivid lyrical vignettes of memories past.

Her voice feels earnest and pure, and her musical stylings are simple and clean. These elements blend together as the energy builds until they explode with emotion; the kind that fans connect with on a level that makes a lifetime connection.

It’s hard to describe how much her songs mean to her fan base. The easiest way, though, would be to look around the sold-out crowd at 7th Street Entry on Friday night. The faces had a glow that makes you realize you’re going to witness something really special. They turned out early, most were even present for both openers – and they were dead silent during each set.

Alex Schaaf

Local artist Alex Schaaf was first to take the stage. It can be difficult to capture an audience on a Friday night; especially as the first of three on a bill. However, Schaaf had the audience by the end of the first song. They allowed his soothing voice and guitar to fill the room.

Alex Schaaf at 7th Street Entry
Alex Schaaf – photo by Laura Buhman

Charming banter bookended songs and solidified his relationship with the audience. Schaaf seemed at home on stage – and rightfully so. He’s been a touring musician for years, fronting the band Yellow Ostrich and touring with Tallest Man On Earth, among others. His set featured songs from his solo debut Waves.

Renata Zeiguer

The stage was turned over to Renata Zeiguer with a jolt of energy. Lights dimmed and turned to red as her three-piece band filled the space. Songs like “Below” and “Wayside” added a sort of sunny-yet-mysterious vibe to the performance.

Renata Zeiguer at 7th Street Entry
Renata Zeiguer – photo by Laura Buhman

Her set fused together elements of indie, classical, and jazz in a combination that seems complex on the surface, but are lightened with Zeiguer’s breezy vocals and guitar strumming. Guitarist Will Graefe broke into short but powerful solos and drummer Jason Burger showcased his driving jazz drum beats.

Lady Lamb

The house went completely dark as Lady Lamb’s set began. The band came out first and began to play in the dark. The driving bassline from Benjamin Lazar Davis tipped the crowd off right away; it was the title track, “Even In The Tremor.”

Lady Lamb at 7th Street Entry
Lady Lamb – photo by Laura Buhman

A green neon sign with the song’s title lit up behind the band as Spaltro took her place in the center of the stage. The room filled with screams and applause as the lights shined green, orange, and purple over her to emulate the album cover.

When even in the tremor I feel a stillness growing

The setlist spanned her career and featured songs from each of her albums. Older favorites like “Heretic” and “Spat Out Spit” appeared early in the night and were met with much approval from the packed house.

Her last tour was a more stripped down set played in living rooms and odd venues around the country. Some fans had never seen her perform with an entire band, and it was worth the wait. Marian Li Pino was on drums and Alex Schaaf returned on keys to add to Davis’ bass.

Lady Lamb at 7th Street Entry
Lady Lamb – photo by Laura Buhman

Spaltro didn’t hold in her devotion to the performance for a single second. She would throw her head back and squeeze her eyes shut to belt the notes with everything she had. Her stance at the microphone would warp to the feeling of the music.

Her new songs brought a freeness to the spotlight. The lyrics keep time with her poetic style, but they translate in a way that feels more personal and relatable than ever. “Untitled Soul” is an intimate look into feeling lost and seeking comfort in love, encouraged faith, and familiarity.

Oh, lover, won’t you hold me in your hands?
I’m a little worried, I am all that I have
And I ache to be held and I want to be good
I don’t wanna die, wanna be understood
All my gloom, and all my doom

The crowd parted like the red sea for Spaltro as she jumped off the stage to perform “Regarding Ascending the Stairs” in the center of the room. She brought only a microphone and tamborine with her. It was a really special moment as she sang with the smiling crowd.

Lady Lamb at 7th Street Entry
Lady Lamb – photo by Laura Buhman

“Deep Love” was the emotional high mark for the night. Before playing it, she told us about the day that inspired it. It had been a tough day she and was walking in New York. She witnessed a beautiful moment between neighbors, and the scene gave her a new outlook and inspiration. She shares the moment of love in the lives of strangers with the world through the song, and it might be her most powerful to date.

She finished the set with “Emily”. It’s a tender song that closes Even In The Tremor. It moves through memories of small moments with friends and what those times can teach us. Audience members closed their eyes through the song, some even balled up their fists near their faces as they absorbed every word.

When we are young
If only we could see beyond our fears, where we are free
When we are lonely
If only we could know that in our stillness we are growing

The encore brought lighter energy back with “Little Flaws”. She finished with “We Are Nobody Else” from her Tender Warriors Club EP. She left the stage and the audience swelled with applause.

Lady Lamb at 7th Street Entry
Lady Lamb – photo by Laura Buhman

Lady Lamb is a nice reprieve from lyrical simplicity in the indie world. It’s good to be introspective sometimes, and Spaltro does a fantastic job of weaving reflective moments with luscious arrangements. Every listen brings more depth and connection between artist and listener.

Written by Laura Buhman


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