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Kyle Gass’s Net Worth & Biography: His Cars, House, Career, and More

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D, Surly Brewing, Minneapolis Concert 2022.
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Although he might appear quiet and reserved beside his vivacious bandmate Jack Black, Kyle Gass has no shortage of talent. A singer, songwriter, and actor, this triple-threat captivates audiences with his melodious guitar playing and comedic style.

Today, Kyle Gass has a large cult following that’s attributed to his whimsical lyrical genius concealed behind an unassuming physique. Who is Kyle Gass? What is Kyle Gass’s net worth? Keep on reading to find out.

Who is Kyle Gass?

Kyle Richard Gass is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian.

Best known as one half of the comedy band Tenacious D (which he founded with Jack Black), Kyle Gass is also a member of the bands Trainwreck (which he co-founded with J.R. Reed) and the Kyle Gass Band.

When Was Kyle Gass Born?

Kyle Gass’s birthdate is July 14, 1960. This means that Kyle Gass’s Zodiac sign is Cancer, which explains his creative strengths.

Kyle Gass’s Ethnicity

Although he was born and raised in the United States, the Tenacious D guitarist is of German and Scottish descent.

Where is Kyle Gass From?

Born in Walnut Creek, California, Kyle Gass spent most of his childhood in their tight-knit suburban community. Today, the musician moves constantly between California and Arkansas, where he’s said to own a home.

How Tall is Kyle Gass?

There’s a bit of contention online as to Kyle Gass’s height. While some sources claim he’s as tall as 5 feet and 9 inches, experts assert that he’s more likely the same height as Jack Black.

That would mean that Kyle Gass stands at just around 5 feet and 7 inches at most.

How Much Does Kyle Gass Weigh?

Part of the appeal of the Tenacious D duo is that they don’t look like your typical rock band. Both Gass and Black miss the target on the tall, lean, and long rock and roll physique.

According to some sources, Kyle Gass’s weight is around 220 lbs. The musician himself has stated that he had always been chubby growing up.

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Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D, Surly Brewing, Minneapolis Concert 2022.
Kyle Gass at Surly Brewing, 2022. Photo by: Chris Kirihara

How Did Kyle Gass Become Famous?

From a young age, the Trainwreck founder had always had a knack for music. At age eight, he taught himself to play the flute and then the saxophone.

After having found an old, nylon-stringed guitar lying around in their home, he taught himself to play it as well. In high school, Gass continued to explore his musical talent and played for the marching band.

He studied acting at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. That’s where he met Tim Robbins, who would subsequently recruit Gass into The Actors’ Gang.

In 1985, Jack Black joined the same group as a starry-eyed 16-year-old Hollywood hopeful. At the time, the two didn’t really like each other but would eventually warm up to one another, officially forming their own rock and roll duo by 1994.

Gass taught Black how to play guitar, and the two would often spend time in Gass’s apartment to brainstorm and write songs for their comedy music. It was during one of these sessions that Gass came up with the lyrics to “Tribute.”

They brought their humble song list to places like Al’s Bar, Largo, Pedro’s, and The Actors’ Gang studio, where they would play for small crowds. Their witty lyrics and theatrical performances often wowed crowds and earned them a decent following.

Continuing with a string of mini concerts, Tenacious D grew their popularity and soon got enough exposure to land their first on-screen appearance in the slapstick comedy movie Bio-Dome where they played their original song “Five Needs.”

By 2001, they signed a record deal with Epic Records. It was then that they released the debut Tenacious D album, which peaked at 33 on the Billboard Top 200 list, acquiring certain platinum status from the RIAA.

In 2003, the dynamic duo released their first video album, The Complete Masterworks. Peaking at two on the US Billboard charts and at 19 and 9 on the UK and Australian Billboard charts respectively, the album went on to earn a six-time platinum certification from the RIAA.

But as Jack Black ventured more towards an acting career, Gass further explored his musical potential by founding the band Trainwreck and The Kyle Gass Band.

Nonetheless, Black and Gass continued to work together, often sharing in each other’s projects, which explains Gass’s frequent cameos in Jack Black movies like Kung Fu Panda and Shallow Hal.

Kyle Gass’s Parents

Kyle Gass was born to John and Carol Gass. His father exposed Kyle to music at a young age, introducing the budding musician to Steve Hrobuchak, a prominent guitar player who rose to popularity in the 1930s.

While very little is known about the singer-songwriter’s parents, it’s been reported that they were both heavily invested in and supportive of Gass’s music career.

In fact, multiple sources state that the Gass parents paid for Kyle’s rent in California well into his adulthood as he navigated the early years of his career.

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Kyle Gass’s Siblings

Much like the musician’s parents, Kyle Gass’s brothers have managed to stay out of the limelight despite their sibling’s wide-reaching commercial success.

All that’s known about Kyle Gass’s siblings is that he has two brothers named Michael and Mitchel.

Kyle Gass, stocky man with a gray beard with a microphone on stage. Kyle Gass's net worth
Image from Shutterstock.

Who is Kyle Gass Married To?

Even in the face of international success, the “City Hall” singer has managed to keep the details of his relationship away from public view. Although we can confirm that the musician has had relationships in the past, the name of his lady love – or at least the mother of his child – remains unknown.

It’s also not confirmed whether the woman he featured in a tweet in 2011 is Kyle Gass’s wife or just his girlfriend. He has also appeared with her at the Rock Of Ages homecoming at The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.

Kyle Gass’s Children

Some photos online suggest that the veteran guitarist might have an adult daughter. Kyle Gass’s daughter apparently goes by the name Mackenzie Paulson, however it isn’t clear who her mother might be.

If you took time to visit the tweet linked above, you’ll also see that Kyle apparently welcomed a son he affectionately called Lil Kage.

Kyle Gass’s Net Worth

Kyle Gass’s net worth has been the topic of debate across Reddit threads for years. Since the celeb tries to keep his personal life on the down low, his net worth remains a bit of a mystery.

Some celebrity experts have tried to weigh in, however, and the generally accepted number is anywhere between $1.5 million and $3 million.

How Did Kyle Gass Get Rich?

Much of the rock and roll star’s revenue comes from his various concerts, tours, and record sales. Minor acting roles have also contributed to the musician-slash-actor’s income.

Kyle Gass’s Cars

There are no sources online that showcase Kyle’s car collection, if he even has one. As his personality should have already made plain, the Tenacious D lead guitarist doesn’t really like drawing attention to himself, regardless of how many dollars he makes.

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Kyle Gass’s House

Kyle Gass allegedly owns a home in Beverly Hills, California. According to a source, he might also own another property somewhere in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He purchased his Arkansas home for an estimated $277,500 in 2019. That’s a lot of cash! The property has since been placed in the Kyle Gass living trust in 2021.

How Much Does Kyle Gass Make Per Show?

Just to book Kyle Gass for a show would cost up to $40,000. This excludes any revenue that the musician is entitled to from royalties and ticket and merchandise sales.

How Much are Kyle Gass Tickets?

Ticket prices to see Kyle Gass perform live depends on who he’s playing with. Since the rockstar works with three different bands, ticket prices fluctuate based on which band you’re hoping to see.

For Trainwreck and the Kyle Gass Band, tickets sell for an average of $35. For a Tenacious D concert, you might have to step up your budget to the tune of $225.

Early Life

Gass grew up in a modest yet comfortable suburban community with his father, mother, and two brothers. Exposed to music at a young age through his father, the musician-slash-filmmaker would often pass his time by fiddling with whatever instruments he could get his hands on.

Early on, Gass had a voracious appetite for music and would listen to music from various genres. According to the artist, some of his biggest influences include Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Neil Young, Peter Frampton, the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Metallica.

Throughout childhood, Gass had trouble with his hair, which started to thin at a remarkably young age. He also weighed a little more than the other kids, giving them reason to tease the future rock sensation.

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Kyle Gass, stocky grey bearded man in a black shirt, playing two recorders.
Image from Shutterstock.


The comedy musician has had a fairly successful career, having had two Grammy award nominations and one win for Best Metal Performance for ‘The Last in Line.’

While comedy rock is his forte, Gass likes to dabble in other rock genres, including heavy metal, hard rock, and acoustic rock. With his band Trainwreck, the actor and musician tries to expand his horizons even further with original southern and country music compositions.

Unlike Tenacious D, Trainwreck takes more liberty with performance art. All band members have an alter ego, and they perform their songs theatrically, in character, and in costume.

Formed in 2002, it was only in 2008 that Trainwreck released their debut album entitled The Wreckoning, which featured the Kyle Gass songs “Tim Blankenship,” “Baby, Let’s Rock,” and “Brodeo.”

His newest band is the Kyle Gass Band (KGB), formed in 2011. He founded the group after Trainwreck disbanded that same year.

With KGB, Gass maintains his role as lead guitarist, while Mike Bray takes on the role of lead vocalist. The band has their own list of original songs like “Bro Ho” and “ManChild'” but they have been known to play covers of Tenacious D songs among many others.

Aside from his work as a musician, Kyle Gass has also had success as a filmmaker. He wrote the movie Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, in which he stars alongside Jack Black.

The film was built on the story behind the song “Tribute,” Tenacious D’s most popular song. Both the song and the film attracted a cult following for the Tenacious D duo.

Throughout his career, KG has also made a handful of appearances in both films and TV shows. His most notable minor roles and cameos include Couch Potato from the movie The Cable Guy, Eugene in the movie Elf, and Lowell in the hit TV series Friends.

Recently, aside from shows and concerts, Gass has started working on web shows and podcasts. He used to host Guitarings, a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching viewers how to play guitar.

In 2021, Gass announced his first-ever solo tour, Kyle Gass Must Save the World, but it was unfortunately canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Currently, Gass hosts the Did We Do It podcast alongside Kevin Weisman.

Did Kyle Gass Study at the Juilliard School of Music?

During an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2006, Kyle Gass mentioned that he was the youngest classical guitar graduate of the Juilliard School of Music – a prestigious private performing arts conservatory in New York.

Viewers and fans took the statement seriously, and it was a generally accepted truth until May of 2008 when the musician appeared on the Adam Carolla Show, where he debunked the statement saying, “I made it up as a joke.”

Is Kyle Gass Christian?

Although a 2016 interview with the star revealed that he identifies as an atheist, this hasn’t stopped him from becoming recognized as one of the Universal Life Church’s ordained ministers.

The non-denominational group brings together people of all religious, political, and cultural backgrounds. As an ordained minister, Kyle Gass can legally perform wedding rites, among other ceremonies.

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Are Kyle Gass and Dave Grohl Friends?

Both Kyle Gass and Jack Black are longtime friends of Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. The three originally met backstage at a gig in 1990, and the Tenacious D bandmates were immediately starstruck.

At the time, Dave Grohl had already risen to fame as Nirvana’s drummer. However, he did mention that he was a fan of Tenacious D despite still being relatively unknown at the time.

After much apprehension and some encouragement from their producers, the Dust Brothers, Kyle and Jack finally mustered the courage to ask Grohl to play drums on their first recorded studio album. The self-titled album was released in 2000 featuring the hit song “Wonderboy.”

Since then, the trio have remained close friends, and they continue to work on projects together.

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