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Judas Priest Unleashed Invincible Shield over the Armory

Photo credit : Richard Dollarhide

Last updated on May 15th, 2024 at 05:23 pm

Judas Priest, the metal gods, performed for a sold-out crowd at the Armory, playing their classic British-style heavy metal. The band delivered a blistering set spanning their 54-year career, cheered on by their eclectic and dedicated fan base, all defenders of the metal faith.

The Armory was filled to the max as the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs” played through the speakers. The lights dimmed and Priest’s Invincible Shield played as the curtain fell, then lifted with the band standing together to launch right into their new song, “Panic Attack.”  

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

The thunderous drums of Scott Travis seemed to pierce chests as guitarists Ritchie Faulkner and Andy Sneap leaped into action. At the same time, bassist Ian Hills bombarded the Armory, as Rob Halford’s incredible range raised devil horns with a take-no-prisoner approach. 

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

Judas Priest keeps releasing heavier and complex new material, and Invincible Shield is no different. Considering the age of this band, they do what older bands seem to be afraid to do: fearlessly deliver new material on their tours. And the fans love it! Mixing new songs like “Panic Attack” and “Crown of Horns” with classics “Another Thing Coming” and “Devil Child,” they keep the crowd interested. When I have seen other veteran acts feature new songs, audiences head for a beer run or bathroom break. That’s not the case with Judas Priest, nor is it with their dedicated and growing fan base. 

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

Sure, over the years, Judas Priest has had their drama. Members have left, returned, and been told not to return, but they are still touring and putting out unmistakable Priest-style music. Many bands who try that, quite frankly, should not.

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

My only disappointment of the night was not seeing founding guitarist Glen Tipton come out for the encore as I’d hoped. Living with Parkinson’s, Tipton still tours and sometimes comes out for an encore. It didn’t happen, but the band honored him by saluting to pictures of him playing on the screens. Judas Priest deserve their legendary status of being called the “Metal Gods”: their class, power, and constantly growing fan base are all the proof they need. 

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

Set List:

  1. Panic Attack
  2. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
  3. Rapid Fire
  4. Breaking the Law
  5. Lightning Strike
  6. Love Bites
  7. Devil’s Child
  8. Saints in Hell
  9. Crown of Horns
  10. Sinner
  11. Turbo Lover
  12. Invincible Shield
  13. Victim of Changes
  14. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
  15. (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  16. Painkiller
  17. The Hellion
  18. Electric Eye
  19. Hell Bent for Leather
  20. Living After Midnight

Written by Richard Dollarhide

Photographer, Photojournalist, Executive Chef and Full Time Artist


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