JD & The Straight Shot Fail to Impress at the X


There are countless deserving, skillful bands and musicians who are constantly yearning for their “big break” and no matter how talented they are, sometimes it just doesn’t come. Then there are bands like JD & The Straight Shot. Fronted by James Dolan, Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden Company, the phoned-in-folksy, “Americana” band managed to open for rock legend, Don Henley, at the Xcel Energy Center. Of course this isn’t the first time they’ve supported big names. Mr. Dolan likes to book his own band opening slots at his own venue since he evidently doesn’t have the chops to earn it himself.


When Dolan took the stage there was an immediate disconnect between him and the audience. The actual billionaire attempted to banter as if he’s a good ole’ fashioned blue-collar rock n’ roller. The crowd didn’t seem to buy in to his schtick. While his band was actually quite talented, JD himself delivered his set without even a hint of authenticity.

JD & The Straight Shot definitely aren’t the worst band in the world. Their sound (and Mr. Dolan’s vocals) could be more appropriate for an open mic night at a dive bar. James Dolan  may have cut a few corners and pulled a few strings to get to where he’s at now in his musical career, but if performing is where he finds his happiness then more power to him.


JD & The Straight Shot are in the process of recording a new record due some time this year. It will hopefully do better than their last LP, Ballyhoo!, which only sold 113 copies in the first month according to Soundscan, but the first single, “I Know, You Know, I Know,” paves the way for another dull, generic album. 

Written by Sara Fish

Minneapolis photographer and music lover. | @sarajsfish


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