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The Soundtrack for this Summer

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IMG 9458 e1498011654707

Broadside released their Sophomore album, Paradise this weekend. Nominated for the 2017 APMA’s ‘Best Underground Band,’ [for those that don’t know] Broadside is a pop-punk band, originally from Virginia. The term Broadside can also be used to refer to “the whole side of a ship above the water line.” This representation of water in their band’s name isn’t lost on this album. The numerous references to water, such as “drowning, sinking now,” “I can fight against the current,” “into the waves,” and “this tide will carry you” remind the listeners of the album’s title, Paradise.

The album opens with Hidden Colors which is an updated version of Broadside’s original sound. Still pop punk, still catchy, still makes you want to move and grove. Their ability to create songs that are irresistible to sing along to was established with the release of their hit Coffee Talk. On the new album, however, Who Cares takes the cake for catchiest song. It has an upbeat, toe-tapping rhythm accompanied by surprisingly darker lyrics. The juxtaposition between a hopping tempo and dark lyrics such as “I’m dead inside” and “I’m drowning in misery” create the perfect balance for a sarcastic masterpiece.


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Whether the differences are between the lyrics or beat, instruments or vocals, each song on the album has its own unique elements. Between the punk rock sound used in Tunnel Vision all the way to the surprising usage of ukulele, in I Love You I Love You It’s Disgusting, they really made a conscious effort to make every song sound different from the one before it: and it shows. Another addition to this album is the use of multiple vocalists: Laps Around A Picture Frame especially utilizes guitarist, Dorian Cooke’s vocals in this battle between dueling verses.

Although each song has its own individuality, the album still remains cohesive because of the overall message in the songs. Not only are there various references to water–as pointed out before, there are other common themes throughout the album.  A majority of the songs on this album preach a sense of perseverance as well as emphasizing the importance of creating. These ideas are portrayed nicely through very thoughtful, quotable lyrics. I can definitely see some new fan tattoos inspired by Broadside’s lyrics coming soon. If you haven’t already, go check out Broadside’s album Paradise and after listening to it, I hope you’ll be inspired enough to “go chase your paradise.”

Photo Credit: Emily Laurich
Photo Credit: Emily Laurich

Written by Anna Paulson


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