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A Scientific Search album preview #2: “Jerusalem” (Erik Ritland isn’t so Bad podcast #6)

Erik Ritland A Scientific Search Album Cover

“The songs seem to have multiple layers, but are uncomplicated to the ears. They glide smoothly, despite the fact that they take the listener over some bumpy terrain. The songs are catchy, but smart. They make you tap your toe and bob your head, but you feel smarter and informed when the song is over, the lyrics resonating as does the beat. A wonderful work of art.”

– Mike Coenen, author of The Apocalypse of Marlon Brando, on the new Erik Ritland album A Scientific Search

If you’re a creative type who loves music, songwriting, big ideas, and having a lot of fun, then Erik Ritland isn’t so Bad is the podcast for you.

Hosted by local songwriter and Music in Minnesota editor Erik Ritland, each episode features songwriting insights, a window into creativity, and a fascinating look at the world of big ideas.

For this latest episode of ERisB, Erik plays three songs from his new album, A Scientific Search, which will be released on this Sunday, August 16th: “Jerusalem,” “To the Pure Life,” and “Driving Wind.” 

Written and recorded amidst quarantine and civil unrest, the album combines catchy, melodic pop/rock songwriting with provocative lyrics. Pre-order the album here. 

To finish the podcast, Erik also plays a cover of “Who Am I Making the Bed For,” which was written by one of his songwriting mentors, Erik Brandt. 

Listen to the podcast here or click below.


Written by Anna Paulson


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