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Behind the music: A conversation with EDM’s newest artist, Feather

Feather is a twenty-eight-year-old electronic artist originally from St. Paul, Minnesota who is no stranger to the world of music. Feather spent years in his early twenties touring the country as a member of two pop-punk bands, The Picture Perfect and The Millenium. Somewhere along the way, he misplaced the meaning behind the music he was performing.

With a new strike of inspiration, Feather left the music scene that shaped him and moved to Nashville, TN. With this new chapter in his career, he vowed to discover his most authentic self while encouraging others to do the same.

After woodshedding for several years finding his new sound, Feather released his first collection of songs titled “Becoming”. The release of his singles, Safe House and Smoke have found favor within the electronic dance music community, landing on top Spotify curated playlists.

His most recent releases can be linked to influences from artists like Odesza, Illenium, Gryffin, and Kasbo, while still retaining roots of his musical past.

Nestled in the heart of East Nashville, I joined Feather in his plant-filled kitchen to discuss his transformation. Feather innocently recalls the moment he felt he was slipping away from the meaning behind his music.

“A change in life direction began about four years ago – for the previous six years I was playing in bands. It’s part of that equation where I realized I was very unhappy at the time – and I had to make a life change – not really knowing what that was. So, I quit my band – started reevaluating my life. And part of that was determining what I wanted to do with my career.” 

Feather’s struggle with self-recognition in his previous line of work was the thing that ultimately pushed him to start fresh with a solo music career. With a new persona, Kyle had to decide what to call himself.

The pressure attached to a name was something he wasn’t accustomed to. Being transparent at first was difficult for him, and so was deciding on an artist name.

 “I was eventually persuaded by my now manager to go by the name Feather. It was the nickname my previous friends and fans called me – it’s very endearing – but I didn’t like the idea at first because I thought it was too much attention – too conceited or something – but I think it was more just my insecurity of accepting myself and goals that I had for like my life.”

Feather’s cat, Calypso, jumped into his lap at the sound of his acceptance. The commencement of his rock band era solidified the rebirth of expression Feather was always searching for. Feather revealed his quest to return to some sort of joyful meaning started with the simple tasks he would fill his days with.

“I’m a very restless individual, and that’s part of the issue of being unhappy because I’m not content with where I’m at and the thing I can do to get to where I want to go. For so long I was so focused on the end result – and “go go go”. It’s been a struggle for me to adjust and take my time. I think will get to a point where my personality is more rewired to be at peace and in the moment versus the opposite. {Being) part of the now, that’s the answer.”

The passion Feather speaks with creates a space of acceptance. The most recent version of himself he puts on display aims to initiate growth in others through the use of his music. He points out how the previous truths we were taught growing up are starting to transform today’s society, specifically in his own current reality.

Success has become about achieving status rather than obtaining stillness in one’s self. Feather urgently reminds me; we no longer have to uphold the systems that don’t serve our needs. 

“I’ve gotten more into health, wellness, spirituality, and mental health” he adds.

For Feather, the release of his record, “Becoming” represents a triumph over fear. In order to complete this project, Feather had to practice becoming comfortable being himself.

His call to action in his own life has created a relatable mission for those who feel lost at times. Feather gleamed from ear to ear describing his need to help others feel less lonely with the use of his music as a medium. 

“I want to share the fact that we all struggle every fucking day – of being sad and hating ourselves and giving up on our dreams. All this shit and nobody wants to be honest about it. Nobody wants to share the fact that they are sad because everybody is sharing life’s amazing moments on social media and these are snapshots, which make us all feel really alone and isolated when the reality is, we are here to share these things (like when) you’re not feeling great today or it’s really tough – we would actually feel more in company because we’re more alike each other in that way and we would feel less lonely.”

Music has always been a place where people turn for a moment of relief. A moment of mindless dancing, or a moment to forget about your worries. The community Feather has found himself in now has helped him transform into a version of himself he now loves.

His experiences have solidified our return to the meaning behind the music. By looking inwardly for a change in himself, Feather is now more capable of displaying his lessons for those who choose to listen.

In the months to come, Feather has committed to being available to new lessons from the universe with hopes to continue to create music people can relate to.

Support Feather and stream his latest releases here.

Article by Samantha Kukuk

Written by Anna Paulson


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