Drive-By Truckers Make a Mountain Out of a Ski Hill

Photo Credit: richard Dollarhide

Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 08:26 am

Let’s be honest, if you don’t know who the Drive-By Truckers are, it might be because their cult-like following doesn’t want you to know; it’s a secret they do not want to let out. Traveling friends from all around the country follow these guys on tour, as evidenced by last night’s front row packed with fans from Washington, California, Maryland, Virginia, and DC. These friends met at shows and dedicated their vacations to follow “DBT” from town to town. And Friday’s meet-up was hosted at Buck Hill as part of their concert series.

Drive By Truckers Buck Hill
Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

This is a biased review. Last night, I was asked about my favorite bands and revealed it’s a tie between the Truckers and Iron Maiden. Both bands give it their all, both have a dedicated fan base that sprawls around the globe, and unlike a lot of touring bands, DBT changes their set from night to night. They have plenty of material from their two-decade-plus career to feed their cult a different show each night.

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, and Jay Gonzalez deliver a a triple guitar threat, blazing from song to song while drummer Brad Morgan and bassist Matt Patton keep a pounding rhythm. This band defies genre labels; they are punk and metal meets southern rock and old school country. That unique blend keeps the fans dancing, head banging and singing word for word.

Drive-by truckers
Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide

DBT are unafraid to address any issue through their song catalog: mental illness, politics, drug use, racism, and history are placed between songs about love lost, love gained and plain old good times. Cooley and Hood take turns at lead vocals and writing, and both could be the most underrated lyricists in music today.

Photo Credit: Richard Dollarhide


Maria’s Awful Disclosures

The Driver

Shit Shots Count

Lookout Mountain

3 Dimes Down

Ronnie and Neil

Marry Me

Puttin’ People on the Moon

Gravity’s Gone

We Will Never Wake You Up in the Morning


State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Uncle Frank

Let There Be Rock

Women Without Whiskey

Grand Canyon

Written by Richard Dollarhide

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