20 Best Cheap Gift Ideas For Any Musician [Updated 2022]

Last updated on July 13th, 2022 at 11:36 pm

It can be incredibly difficult to shop for musicians during the holidays. Coming up with gift ideas is a struggle every Christmas or birthday.

Professional musical gear can be expensive, so we’ve created the best list of affordably priced products that any band member will love! A lot of these best-selling items are small enough to also be great stocking stuffers!  

Gifts for Guitar Players

Capo – $19.95

Best Price on Amazon
A capo is a device that clamps onto a string instrument to raise the pitch. It’s often used by guitar players, mandolin players, and banjo players.

Kyser is the most trusted and best-selling brand out there.

100 Pack Guitar Picks – $8.38

Best Price on Amazon
They come in a variety of thicknesses, each best for specific genres and playing styles.

Pick thickness can affect the sound of the instrument, especially when played on an acoustic guitar.

That being said, instead of trying to figure out what thickness your friend or family member prefers, snag this variety pack of 100 picks! It includes thin, medium, and thick gauges.

Guitar Strings – $10 to $20

Best Acoustic Strings
Best Electric Strings
Best Electric Bass Strings
Best Acoustic Bass Strings
Best Ukulele Strings
Best Banjo Strings
Best Mandon Strings

A great gift whether the musician in your family plays bass guitar, electric guitar, or acoustic guitar.

To maintain that beautiful sound, guitar strings should be replaced about every 100 hours of play or every three months.

Strings come in different gauges and are typically labeled light, medium, and heavy. Beginner guitar players tend to prefer lighter strings as it’s easier to press them down.

Again, guitar string thickness varies, and a guitar player generally has a preference. The best guitar string brands are Elixir, D’Addario, and Ernie Ball.

Tuner – $12.99

Best Price on Amazon
A guitar tuner is any guitar player’s best friend. These little suckers clip to the head of a guitar and identify the vibration frequency of the strings to tune them in perfect pitch.

Due to their clip-on nature, and its need to travel from stage to stage, they have a knack of being lost or left behind. This Snark ST-8 tuner is known for being the best all-instrument tuner in the market. 

Guitar Hanger – $12.99

Best Price on Amazon
A guitar hanger is a great way to showcase that special instrument, getting it off the floor and onto the wall of a home, studio or practice space.

A hanging guitar can almost become its own art piece, adding creative energy to any room. 

Guitar Stand – $13.95

Best Price on Amazon
A guitar stand is a must-have for every player.

Due to the rush in clearing the stage after performances, guitar stands are also often left behind and eventually claimed by other musicians. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup.

Instrument Cable – $14.99

Best Price on Amazon
Instrument cables are another thing of which you can never have too many. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself needing an extra one while setting up for a gig.

When it comes to cables, the longer the better. This 20-foot GLS instrument cable is great for any guitar player and even DJ’s! 

Gifts for Drummers

Drum Keys – $8.00

Best Price on Amazon
Drum keys are used to tune the heads of drums. Due to their size, they often get misplaced or lost.

An untuned drum can make a live performance or a recording sound lackluster. This is why drummers can always use a few extras on hand. 

Drum Dampeners – $6.99

Best Price on Amazon
Drum Dampeners or are sticky little, jello-like products that are placed on the head of a drum.

Their job is to diminish the high frequencies of a drum, helping control the tone of the drum when hit. They are an important piece to any kit that often need replacement.

The most popular brand is Moongel.

Drum Sticks – $9.49

Best Price on Amazon
Over time, drum sticks chip and break from making contact with the metal rim of the drums.

A drummer can never have enough sticks, which is why they make great gifts.

There are many different sizing options to choose from, however, we know Vic Firth Classic 5A sticks are the most popular brand and model. 

Snare Wires – $23.79

Best Price on Amazon
Snare wires are the wires that lay strapped underneath a snare drum, which give it that rumbling marching band sound. Options range from 20 to 30 stand wires.

The PureSound Super 30 Series Snare Wire is Amazon’s #1 seller.

Drum Heads – $36.71

Best Price on Amazon
Over time, the skins on drums get worn and no longer sound as nice and punchy as they should. A good rule of thumb is to change drum heads about every six months.

Drum heads that need replacing are the kick drum, toms, and snare. They come in various sizes, so its a good idea to spy on the drummer’s gear whom you’re buying the heads for.

The size information should be printed around the edge.

Egg Shakers – $8.99

Best Price on Amazon
Egg shakers are great auxiliary instruments that add light percussion textures to any recording or live performance.

This egg shaker four-pack is the best-selling and highest-rated product.

Tambourine – $9.71

Best Price on Amazon
This professional, double-row tambourine is a fantastic gift for any musician.

A tambourine is often used on the chorus of songs which give the section of the arrangement a lift in energy. This item is the #1 selling tambourine.

Gifts for Rappers and Vocalists

Vocal Eze – $24.93

Best Price on Amazon
This throat spray is a singer’s best friend on days they have a performance.

Aspects of being in a concert environment such as drinking alcohol, inhalation of cigarette smoke, or fog from the stage can cause distress to your esophagus and vocal cords.

Vocal Eze is a celebrity-endorsed herbal throat spray that helps cure sore, dry, hoarse voice. 

XLR Cable – $15.99

Best Price on Amazon
An XLR cable is a cord that connects from a microphone to either a recording interface or a PA system. Not all cables are reliable and made durable so it’s important you buy from a trusted brand.

The cable we selected offers lengths of 1.5 feet to 100 feet. 15 to 20 feet will do the trick.

This brand also offers many colors to choose from like pink, yellow, purple, green and blue. I would avoid the color white and other light colors, as these cables get dirty quickly!

USB Recording Microphone – $25 to $100

High-quality recording microphones can be expensive. However, USB microphones tend to be a bit on the cheaper side. They are great for rappers and singers on a budget.

Check out our list of the Best 5 USB microphones on Amazon.

Gifts For All Musicians

Earplugs – $23.98

Best Price on Amazon
Prolonged or repeated exposure to sounds over 85 dbA causes hearing damage.

Considering the average concert is 120dbA, tinnitus or hearing loss is a common fate for those who play in bands or attend live concerts often.

These Vibes High Fidelity earplugs filter out the harmful volume levels, while still allowing the listener to have a high-quality audio experience.

Even better, Vibes is a local Minnesota company!

Marshall Key Holder – $29.99

Best Price on Amazon
Four keychains made from 1/4 inch inputs come with this Marshall JCM 800 guitar amplifier replica.

It mounts on your wall in a sinch, giving you a creative place to hang your keys. Not a Marshall fan? Check out the Fender model here.

Amazon or Guitar Center Gift Card – $25 to $50

$25 Guitar Center Gift Card (Physical)
$50 Guitar Center Gift Card (Physical)
$25-$100 Guitar Center Gift Card (Email Delivery)
$25 Amazon Gift Card
$50 Amazon Gift Card (Instant Print)

Would you rather get your musician a gift card so they can decide what to buy? Although it’s not as personal, it’s a safe bet.

Amazon offers gift cards for Guitar Center, as well as Amazon itself, of course.

Masterclass Subscription – $15.99

A Masterclass subscription is a fantastic gift for any musician looking to perfect their skills.

Masterclass has courses taught by the most known musicians in the world, including Ringo Starr, Alisha Keys, Timbaland, and more! Monthly subscriptions start at $15.99.

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Headphones – $150 and Under

A good set of headphones are an important asset to musicians, especially recording artists, producers or DJs. Check out our comprehensive list of the Best Recording Headphones Under $150.

Before Purchasing

Before buying gifts that require knowledge of the musician’s personal preference, like guitar strings or picks, try to start a natural conversation with your future gift recipient about their music.

Then ask some questions that allow them to educate you. Hopefully, you’ll get the information needed to make the right purchase without blowing your cover.

Written by Bo Weber

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