Bea Miller Makes Nice to Meet U Tour Debut in St. Paul

Many of you may remember the young thirteen-year-old powerhouse Beatrice Miller taking ninth place on the second season of “The X Factor” in 2012. Now, seven years later, twenty-year-old Beatrice, who now goes by Bea Miller, is on her very first headlining tour. The first stop of the “Nice To Meet U” tour was here in St. Paul at the sold-out Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

She recently released her first single from the upcoming album, “it’s not u it’s me” featuring 6lack, along with a futuristic groovy music video. A few common themes tend to occur in Bea’s music, from self-love to break up anthems. Her music overall screams “Girl Power.”

If you were to pass Bea on the street you would never expect her to be someone with the singing capabilities she demonstrates. Her sounds come from a passionate and soulful place. She makes this abundantly clear in her energetic live performances.

Written by Allie Garrigan


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