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  • Haley Reinhart Amsterdam Bar & Hall St. Paul, MN April 15th 2019 Lo-Fi Soul Tour

    Haley Reinhart Shines Bright in St. Paul

    Do you remember what you were doing at around 8:00 PM on Wednesday, May 5th, 2011? I do, and it’s a night I know I will never forget. That is the night I heard Haley Reinhart, then a contestant on the wildly popular TV show American Idol perform the song “House of the Rising Sun.” […] More

  • Lydia Night Genessa Gariano of The Regrettes November 29 2018 Amsterdam bar and hall st Paul minnesota
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    No Regrets, Yes Regrettes!

    This week, the Amsterdam Bar and Hall hosted three diverse, engaging acts: vintage rocker Micky James, the stoner drone of Welles, and all-female punk band the Regrettes. It was an entertaining night of dancing, singing, and fun. Oh, Micky, You’re so Fine! Opener Micky James can be described in four words: suede, sass, sparkles, and spunk. He […] More

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    Grace promotes holy hope with ‘Rayne Angel’

    Amanda Grace can sing. I mean, seriously, the woman can wail in the most pleasant way possible. Whether she is holding onto a note for what seems like an eternity or allowing her voice to reach the near breaking point as she evokes a raspy vocal that can only come from deep within a singers […] More