YUNGBLUD Brings Unique and Endless Energy to First Ave

Yungblud is like nothing you’ve seen before.

That is, unless you’ve seen a smiley punk/alt rocker from Doncaster, UK who wears pink socks, black-lipstick, and a skirt, plays a mean guitar, has an endless amount of energy, and an interesting aura of sex appeal. Then, and only then, can you say you’ve seen someone like Yungblud. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and go to one of his shows. It will be quite the experience.

Yungblud by Rees Winga

You would think that a rainy Wednesday night would damper an expected turnout, but First Ave filled with fans quickly after the doors opened for Yungblud’s Twisted Tales of the Ritilin Club tour. The audience was immediately so loud from the photo pit that I had to pop in my earplugs, and he hadn’t even jumped on stage. But when he jumped on stage… he really jumped.

In fact, he went bonkers.

Even though there seemed to be microphone issues at first, the crowd knew every word to every song and they didn’t skip a beat. The energy was tremendous. Just two songs in and Yungblud busted out his guitar and absolutely shredded for the roaring sea of fans.

Connection with Audience

Between songs he would pause, look out to the audience, and laugh and smile. Pointing, he yelled, “I love you!” Then pointing to the next fan, “I love you! And you! And you!” He then performed a few hits, including “Parents,” “Medication,” and “Loner.”

Yungblud by Rees Winga

As if he wasn’t unique enough, Yungblud performed an entire song from the middle of the crowd. Seated with his guitar in the midst of all his fans (albeit with a few security), he commented on the fact that he wanted to “erase the barrier between the artist and the listener”. Then he performed “Kill Somebody,” an angsty, half-acoustic track about his feelings towards an unnamed enemy.

Yungblud by Rees Winga

Running back on stage, he yelled to the crowd, “Have we got any FOOKIN energy left Minneapolis!?” and preceded to finish the night with two of his biggest hits, “I think I’m OKAY” and “California”.


From making tracks about asking for consent to mental health and simply dealing with your parents, Yungblud’s music is genuine and real. He has a real connection with his fans and seems to be truly appreciative of everyone in the crowd. I can’t imagine being from the UK, being in the middle of your tour, coming to a city you may never have heard of, and still managing to bring fantastic energy and positivity. But Yungblud did just that.

The show was great, and after watching him expel so much energy on stage for his fans, even I left feeling a little drained. A hardcore rocker one minute, and a smiling, appreciative soul the next, he is truly one-of-a-kind.

Written by Rees Winga


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