Y’all Want Some Gravy?

Yung Gravy & Bbno$ (Photo by Reid Bauman)

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As the crowd wrapped nearly half a block around the doors to Varsity Theater, there was no question that Yung Gravy had a lot of hype surrounding his 4/20 performance.

Many people have fallen in love with Gravy’s unique style of music and were ready to sing along to their favorite songs of his. Before all of that though, they had to get the crowd hyped up.

Yung Gravy (Photo by Reid Bauman)

The night started out by having the fashion-forward DJ, Tiiiiiiiiiip, come out and get the crowd going by playing a bunch of hits, with classics such as, “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus and Lil Jon’s “Get Low,” as well as the current banger “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. It was shocking to hear the volume and energy of the crowd increasing after every song.

Bbno$ (Photo by Andrew Qualley)

What followed was Bbno$ coming out and lighting up the crowd. We got to listen to him perform his viral hits, “Tony Thot,” “Who Dat Boi” and “Bad Girl,” as well as a handful of other songs.

Other memorable moments from his set include when he brought up an audience member who was repping his merch up on stage with him to perform one of his songs (who never missed a word!), when he took a moment towards the end of his performance to hand out a signed copy of a cookbook, or even when he went into the pit, stood on the risers and interacted with the crowd.

Bbno$ (Photo by Andrew Qualley)

After Bbno$ left the stage, there was an intermission which was much needed for members of the audience to get some air and move around. That intermission led to the anticipation that everyone in the audience felt while waiting for Gravy to take the stage.

At one point, a small group of audience members even started chanting “Gravy! Gravy!” Every member of the audience was then shouting his name in a booming tone that made you truly realize how dedicated his fanbase is to him, and the impact he has made.

Yung Gravy (Photo by Reid Bauman)

The chant from the audience seemed to work, because not too long after, Yung Gravy took the stage. You could hear the audience roar and scream – it was electric. Some of his most memorable tracks on stage were his new song, “Magic” and his viral hits such as “Mr. Clean”, ‘Forget Me Thots” and, “Cheryl.” Then, Bbno$ came back on stage to perform their collaborative songs, “Rotisserie” and “Booming,” and more.

Tiiiiiiiiiip (Photo by Andrew Qualley)

Gravy was very courteous to the members of the audience all throughout the show, as he and other members of his crew would frequently hand out bottles of water to the audience (as well as have some fun with them and splash them, too!)

He also had a great moment discussing favorite cereals.

While the audience shouted “Reese’s Puffs” and “Fruity Pebbles,” Gravy said, “Those are all great, but the ultimate is Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. That statement led into a segment where Gravy proceeded to bring out cups full of milk, handed them to audience members and poured a full bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch into audience members’ cups.

There were many great moments but a final one worth noting would be the conclusion of his set. Gravy gave a genuine speech to the audience thanking them for coming out and saying that he knew Minnesota would be the most lit (sold-out) shows.

Yung Gravy (Photo by Andrew Qualley)

Yung Gravy truly brought his “A-Game” to close out his Experience the Sensation Tour. During this tour, he broke both his right hand and a toe, yet still was able to perform. He even make jokes about the situation saying, “If y’all are lit tonight I might say f**k it and break my other hand”.

His shows at Varsity Theater in his home state were truly memorable nights and experiences for everyone involved.

Yung Gravy & Bbno$ (Photo by Reid Bauman)

Article Written By: Andrew Qualley

Written by Reid Bauman


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