Who Is Betty Who?

Betty Who Singing 3
Betty Who Singing 3

The High Society Tour came crashing through the Fine Line Cafe doors on October 17th. Lucky for me I was there front and center. It was a mess trying to squeeze from one side of the room to the other. The Fine Line was crowded, with good reason. Betty Who is an icon in the making.


On stage, Betty Who’s unmeasurable smile carries your worries away. It’s like a burst of sunshine leaving you glowing for days and days after the show. Watching her bounce around on stage like a high school cheerleader sounds silly, however she somehow has balanced the upbeat jumps with a charming hypnosis from her powerful voice.

It’s true, she really brings out a fun, care-free, let’s all be friends atmosphere around herself. She actually had the whole room singing Happy Birthday to one of her crew members! Betty is definitely having a good time and she encourages fans to let their hair down with her. At one point she grabbed a fan’s cell phone from the front row and took a selfie before passing it back!

Betty Who’s songs were sung with genuine emotion and her hit song Somebody Loves You is contagious! As she sang the words the crowded room joined together as hands were raised in the air reaching for the love that filled the whole building. I can see Betty Who becoming a legend from this generation and if that is not the case I can say this; no one is going to let her come and go, at least not without a fight.

If you want to be inspired to feel young, happy and ready to experience life to the fullest then it is time for you to check out the High Society Tour featuring Betty Who.


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